Daniel Inaugurated ACPTR Director as Max Bids Farewell


BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Following the ranking changes within the Army of CP earlier today, news regarding the ACP Training Regiment has hit the bulletin. General Daniel is to be promoted to ACPTR Director alongside Max, who is set to bid farewell to the position next month.

In a surprising development, the news that ACPTR Director Max will be passing his baton on to third-in-command Daniel has just broken. Max provided the following statement exclusively to the Shamrock Bulletin regarding the news:

I am extremely sad to be announcing that I will be stepping down from my position as ACPTR Director at the end of the February 2021 course. I have served as Director for 9 months, and am excited to be helming the newly revitalised Shamrock Bulletin. I have therefore decided to pass over the baton to the fantastic Daniel, who has been an incredible ACPTR Instructor alongside Fatchicken88 and newly promoted Frog. I will still have some connection with the programme, as I will continue to teach the fifth ‘Leadership Masterclass’ lesson going forward. I will, of course, always be here to offer Daniel, Chicken and Frog help or advice, and support the cadets.

– Max, ACPTR Director

Max has served as ACPTR Director since May 2020, and was awarded the Medal of Training by Army of CP leader CSY back in July. At the time, CSY said the following: “A salute to Max for his work in not just creating a new training plan for the Army of Club Penguin, but also leading it to stability – we’ve seen record numbers of A+ graduates ever since he took over.

Max has also teased that a special announcement regarding the “newly revitalised” Shamrock Bulletin is imminent, so readers can expect that exciting update very soon.

The graduating class of May 2020.

We reached out to Director Daniel for a comment, and he provided the following:

Being the 52nd ACPTR Leader is such an honor to me. Ever since I joined the ACP moderator ranks, one of my main goals has been to be able to lead ACPTR and now it’s become true :Cute:. I’m excited I’ll be able to continue this amazing training regiment which has been led by Max for months, with such amazing instructors like FatChicken and Frog! It’s sad to see such an amazing director like Max go, but nothing lasts forever! I wish Max nothing but the best in his new project with the Shamrock Bulletin! My plans are to hopefully take ACPTR to new heights, and specially with the start of this new Era and HTML5 which will bring lots of new things to the table! I can’t wait to see what awaits us in this new future for ACPTR, and I hope to see everyone at the new February 2021 course!

– Daniel, ACPTR Director

We join the Army of CP members in congratulating Daniel on this fantastic achievement. This joyous news comes alongside the opening of applications for the February 2021 course. If you would like to enlist in the programme, please contact Daniel on the Army of CP Discord with the application form.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

3 Responses

  1. Will miss you max ❤️ and Congratulations Dan :))

  2. Congratulations Daniel! Very proud!

  3. Aaaaa thank u guys ❤

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