Announcing… Alpha vs. Echo – The Revenge

On September 20th, 2020, an announcement shocked our community – Alpha and Echo, were at war. After a week of intense fighting, Echo ended victorious, with a war score of 19-0-9.

Civil War winner – what a flashy title, right? It seemed like it didn’t matter how many victories the Alphas would get subsequently – all they’d hear would be the echo of their losses in the Civil War.

It is time though, to allow Alphas to turn the tables; and for the Echoes to reassert their dominance – to prove once and for all, which division is better.

Join us for a fun-filled week with a huge array of Alpha vs Echo minigames – including trivia, typeraces, Jackbox games, io games, Minecraft Battle Royales, a visit to our old friend xat and much, much more.

The old Civil War role will be updated for the winning team (aka the current Echo role will be removed with a new role for the winning team).

Echoes – this is our time to rise up and defend our rightfully earned title.
Alpha – this is your chance to win the medal back, and defend the glory of your division.

ACP Leader