[DEC 2020] Troop of the Month!

Heya ACP!

As we bid farewell to the new year, we also announce the final installment of TOTM for 2020.

December has been an insane month – breaking our AUS record and hitting 77 in AoA, then finishing a war against SWAT in the last 5 days of December, none of this would have been possible without the hard work of all our troops and members. This month’s TOTM was truly hard to choose for all of staff, but one winner emerged:


What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Colin/Myth has been nominated for Troop of the Month for his exemplary activity, as not just an extremely active face around the ACP chat, but for always being willing to work and welcome new people to the community. Taking initiative to also extend a hand towards Clover Kailey, he’s truly become a staple as a troop in the ACP community.

Interview with Myth

Hey Myth, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Hello mates, I’m Myth! I’ve been in ACP for about 3, maybe 4 months now!

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here?

I enlisted in ACP right at the beginning of the 3rd Clovers Crusade, aka the 3rd Templars war nearly 4-5 months ago. I did take a quick break between months September to October, yet came back to the lovelt ACP family!

I’ve heard you’ve been around the community a bit – care to share your experience, and why have you chosen ACP as your current destination?

Oh man, big question. I’ve been pretty much everywhere, originally starting out with the Royals and Aliens back in CPO in May of 2019. I was mainly inactive till about February-March, when I made Kings and became involved in WWR. I then moved to the Coup Crusaders and lead during the war against ACP with figures such as Olimad and Coolguy. I then moved to smaller, lesser known armies such as the One Direction Army and Templars before enlisting in ACP. I did hold brief stints as a Water Vikings moderator and Dark Warriors moderator! After my stint within Templars and my retirement due to being uncomfortable, I enlisted into ACP following the war declaration. I mean, why not enlist in ACP? One of the best and kindest armies of all time!

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?

Haha I have no clue. On Friday, a discussion started in chat of other members saying I was gonna be the TOTM, and I was honored. I think it’s due to my activeness and willingness to help others out, whether it be helping with welcoming new troops or with promotions!

Why did you choose the name Myth for yourself? Whats the story behind all those emojis 😄😜😆😏?

Haha Myth, this “name” is how I’m known. I went by Scorn early in 2020, yet changed to Myth during my time as a CPA;TG moderator, as I set my username to Myth (@Super). Just about last month, I became a little more open with my actual name, that being Colin. The emojis (being 😄😅😘😉) represent multiple parts of my characters and personality. The grin represents my happiness, something I show all the time! The sweating laugh (is that what it is?) represents my humor and ability to laugh and make others laugh. The kiss represents, well love, the love I show towards everyone i encounter. And the wink represents (again) my humor, as many of my jokes revolve around an inside joke or a joke i had made previously.

Do you really have perfect pitch? Who’s the most off-pitch singer you’ve heard so far?

Perfect pitch is a work in progress haha, but it works. Most off-key? Probably Kailey, I haven’t heard her sing yet, but I’ll go into a casino and gamble everything. From what I’ve heard, I’d say Henry.

Tell us something about yourself that no one knows yet 😛

Hmmm, most people know a lot about me. I have cats, dogs, a gerbil, bunnies, and guinea pigs, so yes, I live on a farm

What’s your favorite moment in ACP?

There’s so many good and fun moments of ACP, but the best has to be helping out the staff, whether that be DMing them about something, helping with promotions, or just chatting with them, making sure I’m doing stuff right. A close second has to be main-chat, absolutely just yelling at people in all cabs at 3am.

You’re also the creator of the ACP christmas thank you server – what gave you the idea? (Also, huge thanks from all of hcom <3)

The original idea was to create a server for the whole community for the leaders, but the matter of how risky that would be because of how unliked I am and how it looked like DM recruiting wouldn’t work. I then thought to make one for ACP, and were here now. I just created the server with members such as Bibi, Yeet Monster, Cherry, and so many mores help.

I hear you now call people king/queen instead of boss… what spurred the change? 😛

HAHAHAHAHA it really depends. I still call people boss, but it shows not as much respect. I reallly don’t know how calling people king and queen started, I’d guess Chek calling me king played a role. I don’t know to be completely fair haha.

What are your dreams and goals for yourself or the ACP?

My dreams – to take all of your jobs (Henry and Chicken, you’re still first)(this is also a joke, please read on). In all actuality, I just wanna become a moderator, and when I become one, look forward, look towards the next rank, and work towards it!

Any final words for the people of the ACP?

Thank you guys, being the staff and members for being yourselves, being kind, and being compassionate. ACP has been one of very few armies I’ve served in and felt respected, and giving the same amount of love and repect I give! Thank you guys for being family!


Congratulations once again Myth for becoming our TOTM for Dec 2020! A truly exemplary end to an exemplary year!


ACP Leader

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  1. Congrats Myth! Well deserved!

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