[Victory] War with SWAT is over!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The war against SWAT has officially ended, resulting in an ACP victory with a war score of 7-0.

On December 26th, 2020, with just 5 days left of Flash, the Army of Club Penguin declared war against the Special Weapons and Tactics, following a barrage of animosity, trash talking, violent threats and allegations against the army.

The war began with a US invasion of Cozy on December 28th, where we peaked at 66 troops, where we successfully invaded Cozy.

Just 14 hours after our first invasion would see the mobilization of the AUSIA force in the invasion of Hockey, were we hit a max of 42.

On December 29th, ACP continued her war efforts against SWAT, invading Avalanche, once again successfully with 54 troops. 

SWAT would then retaliate with a 11 PM EST invasion of Avalanche – in the closest battle in the entire war, where ACP would once again take home the victory in this defense.

It seemed after this narrow loss, SWAT would begin to lose steam. We faced them once again in an early AUSIA invasion of Lucky, maxing 31.

On the same day, our UK force would invade Nevisca to a SWAT no show, maxing 60 once more in the final battle ever on CPA… 

With the war score now sitting at 6-0, and procuring all but 1 final SWAT land, but various CPPS and flash dying in a day, our AUSIA force showed our dominance once more, as we logged onto Frosty for the very first time to conquer the final SWAT territory – Mittens, maxing 35, to another SWAT no-show once again.


This would then become the last battle and the last war of Flash and 2020.

Full results of all 7 battles:


With a final war score of 7-0, and the ACP successfully invading all of SWAT’s land, we became the victors of the war. After long deliberation with SWAT leaders, the Army of Club Penguin reached a treaty with SWAT, as shown below:


We have once again proven our strength in war – SWAT had poked the bear once too many. Today, we have emerged victorious against our long-standing rivals.

We rise from this.

ACP Leader

7 Responses

  1. Shoutout to swat for not winning a single room during the whole war.

  2. Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice

  3. Great War Acp and Great Way to Finish of The Year. Happy New Year!!!

  4. amazing job ACP :acpsalute:

  5. swats are entitled to one (1) kiss until march 31st 2021

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