[US] Turkey Uprising — Results!

Hey ACP!

Today our US Division logged on for a Turkey Uprising event! We looked 100% delicious as we practiced our tactics and formations. Great job everyone!

Max: 39

Thank you so much for coming ACP! If you attended, be sure to react in #event-chat and comment down below! Hope everyone had a great holiday with their loved ones.

A reminder that tomorrow is the first day of the Aces of AUSIA tournament, hosted by our very own Mchappy. Make sure you react in #battle-schedule if you can attend–the event is at 9 AM EST and will feature a nitro giveaway if you come. Let’s win this, ACP!

Sophie, ACP Field General

6 Responses

  1. Super fun event! Amazing leading sophie!

  2. I was there! <33

  3. Great and fun event! Sophie did an amazing job leading ❤

  4. It was a turkey uprising, but we were dressed as chickens. Ah well, I still had fun!

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