[US] Invasion of Vanilla- Results!


Heya, ACP
Today we invaded Vanilla from the Templars and got some vanilla ice cream!
This was a SUCCESFUL Invasion! and we have SUCCESSFULLY invaded the templars empire! only one templars showed up;-;
We were able to max 60 troops in this AMAZING invasion!

Pre-Battle Room
Room 1- Iceberg
Room 2- Stadium
Thank you to everyone who attended this event!
Don’t forget to react in #battle-schedule if you can attend our invasion part two. Comment down below if you attended this event!

ACP Major General- Sultan of ACP, Conqueror of Vanilla Ice Cream


10 Responses


  2. We stand together! Hate has no home here ❤

  3. :salute: ily guys

  4. Bruh only one templar bothered to show up lmao But it was a fun event :)- Tay

  5. <33333333 family

  6. *sips vanilla bean frapp*

  7. Well done folks. Green Together Family Forever!

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