[UK] Stamp Collection – Results!

Everyone likes getting stamps on CPR, so today we logged on to Blizzard and went around the island getting various stamps for everybody. This was an amazingly successful event, be sure to react in #event-chat if you attended and comment down below!
Max – 50


Green Together, Family Forever

A Day in the Life of an ACP Mod

      Hello ACP!

This is Sparkz here on a new post for the Shamrock Bulletin! Today I am going to tell you MY experience of being an ACP Mod!

Since I started in ACP, I have been having a lot of fun, but there’s also hard work involved. I’ve kept the same routine and I still have a routine up till today. It is vital to have a routine so that you don’t get caught up in things at the wrong time.

I don’t sleep a lot (which is bad) but that’s because I am dedicating my time to ACP and other things in real life. I usually wake up, brush my teeth and eat. Then I hop on my computer, I always start my day with recruiting to start my day. ACP always has regular events – my timezone is UK and events are usually at 2 pm (AUS), 9 pm (UK) and 1 am (US) for me. Of course, this isn’t every day so I change my schedule up a bit to attend the events for the day! After waking up, I stay on moderating/working in real life till 2 PM for the ACP event. I then HYPE the event which helps our max a lot – it gets troops hyped to attend the event! I help with tactics by repeating them after they have been said. After the event is finished I either post/recruit after the event, when posting it is vital to be quick and get the post out within 15 minutes. I then carry on moderating or working in real life till 9 PM for the UK event (if there is one that day). After that, I repeat the same thing – I post or recruit, then continue working in real life/moderating. I do this till the 1 AM US event (If there is one that day) I attend. after that i recruit/post, I then go to sleep I wake up the next day and repeat all this.

This is all pretty hard work at times but all the hard work pays off. You gotta work for the promos and it doesn’t come easy!

Here are all the jobs that Moderators do:

-Welcoming/DMing new troops-Giving out roles
-Keeping chat clean
-Hyping chat
-Posting after events
-Leading event’s (Mod lead)
Best ways to become a Moderator:-Staying active
-Attending loads of events for clovers
-Welcoming new troops
-Recruit a fair amount (Not TOO big but not TOO small)
-Be friendly
Take a look at this picture:

These are all the ACP leaders! These people worked to get to this place they all started of as troops like you! Everyone there except for Oagalthorp (Creator of ACP). I hope that this motivates you that you can do anything but you just need to put the effort into it just like all of the ACP leaders did to get to their position. The only difference is, everyone there had to work up from Troop to Mod to HCOM then leader! It may take time but it is possible and worth the wait. (Also, interesting uniform choice by Pinkgirl3919)


In my opinion being a Mod takes a lot of organisation and preparation, it does take a fair amount of time of your day but it’s all for the better and it’s worth it!

are another great way to rank up and prove that you are ready for the next Rank! There are loads of different ways to get Clovers.

 For all the new people here are the possible ways to get Clovers:
-Attend events
-Join the recruiting Force, you can DM Zelly if you would like to join that!
-Join ACPTR (ACP Training Regiment)
-Generally staying active in the ACP discord
-Prove you are loyal and worth it!

 For all the new people here are is the troop to mod rank list:

For those of you that are wondering about these two ways to rank up faster to Mod (ACPTR and the recruiting force) Feel free to DM me, you will find me in the ACP discord! You can also DM Max to join the army of Club Penguin Training Regiment! These will both really help in terms of Clovers and promotions to mod and higher troop ranks!
To sum up: 

I hope that this post has inspired you all that You can do it! You just need to put the effort in and it will happen! I have shown many ways to get to Mod, HCOM and even leader! In this post and like I said, it may take time but it is worth the wait! Patience is key. All of you are doing great so far, so keep up the great work! You will all get to where you want to get in ACP! And if any advice is needed/tips be sure to DM me all any of the staff. There is also HCOM that is there to support you and help you grow to get to where you want to go in ACP!

And remember all the leaders, HCOM and Mods started off as Troops like you!

                                                                           Signing off

ACP Lieutenant General


[US] Miner takeover!

Today we logged on to Blizzard CPR for our miner takeover! We had a fun time mining around the island! Thank you to everyone who attended!
Max – 40

ACP General  (Your local clown)