[UK] Branch PB vs CG and PZF – RESULTS

Hello ACP!
Today we logged onto Mammoth, CPR for our four way practice battle between our two branches, Echo, Alpha and two of our fellow allies Crimson Guardians and Pizza Federation! The battle took place in Pool, Stadium and Ship Hold. ACP managed to max 31 penguins in the battle!
After the 30 minute battle, ACP moved to he Iceberg and did a solo extra room!

The final results are:
First place – Echo!
Second place – Pizza Federation!
Third place – Alpha!
Fourth place – Crimson Guardians!
Thank you all for coming! Remember to react in #event-chat to receive your clovers and also, comment down below about your experience in this amazing four way battle!
Lieutenant General


Heya ACP!
Today we logged on to Blizzard CPR for a super fun blue ducky event! We had so much fun and went through many rooms! and I would like to say I’m a roblox warlord   Thank you for attending this AWESOME Spec Ops event!

Max- 46

ACP Brigadier General