[JUNE 2020] Troop of the Month

hEYA ACP-ians!

Welcome to the nth (i lost count im sorry) installment of TOTM! June 2020 saw our participation in the Legends Cup X, where we hit the biggest sizes in a battle we’ve seen yet since our reopening – with a whopping 80 troops online! This would have been impossible without the work of our arduous Recruiting Force, and so without further ado, I’m proud to announce this months TOTM:

What qualifies for TOTM? 
– Activity in ACP chat 
– Activity in attending events 
– Involved in the ACP community 
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Beiruk has been chosen as the TOTM for her work with the ACP’s recently created Spanish chat. Albeit the language barrier, Beiruk has made great attempts to integrate with our English speaking members too, welcoming new recruits and reaching out to many Spanish speaking members to remind them of battles and teach them the ways of the ACP! Finally, she’s extremely involved in the community, becoming an ACPTR A+ graduate, and putting in great effort with the Recruiting Force, becoming ROTW this week.
Here’s an interview for everyone to get to know Beiruk better!
Interview with Beiruk
CSY: Hi Beiruk, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?
Beiruk: Hey!! My name is Beiruk and I’m from Dominican Republic

CSY: Describe yourself in 5 words!

Beiruk: Extroverted, optimistic, cheerful, respectful and crazy
CSY: How did you find out about the ACP and how long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies? 
Beiruk: I found ACP when I made my Discord. Someone dmed me an invite so I joined. It has been one month and 3 weeks since I joined the ACP, my first army
CSY: Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month? 
Beiruk: From CPR I enjoy the minigames, while from armies, I enjoy the events
CSY: What is your favorite memory in the ACP?
Beiruk: In general, the best experience I’ve had is talking in the Spanish chat, but I enjoyed when Yeti tried to teach Spanish to Bailey and Destro
CSY: Does Tapas live up to its fame?
Beiruk: We don’t have tapas in Dominican Republic

(interviewers note: argh, guess I gotta find someone else to ask this 😦 )
CSY: Would you rather die of heat or cold?
Beiruk: I would prefer dying of cold
CSY: Anything you want to say to the people of ACP?
Beiruk: I love u guys!!

And with that, we conclude our interview with the Dominican Republican
ACP Leader

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  1. Felicidades Bei!!! Te lo re merececes. A por más logros!


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