[JUNE 2020] Comment for Promotion!

Deserve a promotion for your work and efforts for June 2020? Comment below!
Discord Tag:

Current Rank: 

Activity level (on a scale from 1-10):

Reason you think you deserve a promotion:

16 Responses

  1. discord tag: OofManJr.#4327current rank: warrant officeractivity level: 8-9reason you think you deserve a promo: im an active roblox who does okay at recruiting! roblox forever!!! acp forever

  2. Discord Tag: FatChicken88#6885Current Rank: Brigadier GeneralActivity level (on a scale from 1-10):9 (15-18 hours a day)Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I feel this previous month as Brigadier General I have managed to stay active, manage recruiting well, and maintain high activity levels. I also would like to help improve ACP as a whole and achieve a higher rank to help me in doing so.

  3. oops i am not \”an active roblox\” i forgot to put \”roblox warlord\” i am the roblox warlord

  4. discord tag: Henry_VI#9519current rank: brigadier generalactivity level: 9.5/10reason you think you deserve a promo: i'm awesome! (i literally just got promoted a week ago i dont really need another promo atm and also i'm terrible at recruiting)

  5. Discord Tag: Sanya#6779Current Rank: Brigadier GeneralActivity level (on a scale from 1-10): 10 (I don’t sleep)Reason you think you deserve a promotion I think I deserve a promotion because I’m really active in ACP and I often take time to engage more with the community and I really take my time to welcome new recruits even though they’re not my recruits and during ausia hours I’m usually the only moderator available and I really take my time to give out roles and make sure the community is safe ^^

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Discord Tag: alsiuss#5486Current Rank: Major GeneralActivity level: 8Reason you think you deserve a promotion: To be fair, promotions aren't what makes me want to get a higher rank in the army. During the last month, several things have happened that have taken time from me but have also given me great experience. This interactions are preparing me for my next step in the army and I really hope all of my efforts, projects and actions result in good things not only for me but for the people that I am surrounded by.

  8. Discord Tag: Wyperr#7777Current Rank: ColonelActivity level (on a scale from 1-10):7 – 8Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I am new to the community and i am being active helping people in acp and recruiting and being active in chat and attend events and such and being positive most of the time 😀

  9. Discord tag: DestroyerYo {cineamon bunny}#2708Current rank: master sergeantActivity level: 9Reason: I think I deserve a promotion because because I attend 99% of the events since I have joined, I am active in the discord (even tho I do lurk a lot I am active), I will be part of recruiting force soon I'm just enjoying the break from recruiting a lot when I was in help force, I'll join it mid next month so I can help support ACP further 😀

  10. Discord tag CheerfulPanda#5564Current rank Sergeant MajorActivity Level 7-8Reason I think I deserve a promotion because i try to be always as active as i can. And im always trying to join events even if there late or early even if am here just 2 weeks. I love already acp so much there always nice people to talk to. Also if i dont get a promotion i can understand that. I dont have like allot of reasons right now and there always a other opportunity next month

  11. like my mon said onces told if you dont try you never know

  12. Discord tag: Sparkz#1111Current rank: Major GeneralActivity level: 9Reason: I think I deserve this promotion as I am always kind and helping to other people. I take time to do my job, and I love it dearly! I recruit daily and always doing the best in all that I do! I love ACP and I will continue to aim higher by the day! I attend almost all of the events and help with posting. I also voluntarily contribute towards ACP!

  13. Discord tag: Hollow#4580Current Rank: CapitainActivity level: 8Reason: I have been trying my best on recruiting and attend the events

  14. Discord Tag:sh0rtwizard#7117Current Rank: Warrant OfficerActivity level (on a scale from 1-10): Probably a 7/8Reason you think you deserve a promotion: I have been attending a large majority of the events every week and trying to keep active in the chat. Additionally, I've joined the Recruiting Force (again), to try and become even more involved in ACP. 🙂

  15. Discord Tag: Deathdrugsandcyanide#0666Rank: ColonelActivity Level: 9.8Reason: I am very active in ACP, I attend most every event, I try my hardest at recruiting. Yes, I am going to address this, my argumentative behavior, short temper and overall mood was not good while I was a mod. I sense have figured out the problem with myself and stopped, I have learned to be more mature, if something arises that frustrates me, I learned to walk away, go to another chat, or just close discord for a while. I feel horrible for the problems I have caused. I feel I deserve to be promoted back to staff because I can show that I have changed,and I am ready to be back on the team and show that I am meant to be there and can bring awesomeness to ACP. Thank you.

  16. Discord Tag: DIO#7624Rank: First LieutenantActivity Level: 7/10Reason: I keep chat alive, and although I could be better at attending events, I try my best to balance my life and ACP, and I think I'm doing quite good at it.

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