ACPride Month

I. Introduction
June 28th, 1969. A historic date marking the beginning of change – a paradigm shift for the LGBT community. Throughout history, non-heteronormative members of society have often been ostracized, marginalized and discriminated against for whom they love – and the Stonewall riots is widely considered to be one of the most important events in history leading to increasing acceptance and acknowledgement of LGBT+ individual identities, and rights. However, in many walks of society, LGBT+ individuals continue to face discrimination and stigmatization – Pride Month is thus an important part in the celebration and reaffirmation of these individuals’ identity.
The Army of Club Penguin has historically been a community welcoming of people from all walks of life – regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality. At the brink of this worldwide LGBT+ month, we have collected submissions from our entire community in efforts to recognize these valued individuals for whom they are. Whether you are openly part of the LGBTQIA+ community; or a closeted individual waiting for the chance to come out; or if you’re an ally, here to vie for equality amidst diversity – this post is to celebrate these people, and to show those still exploring, or those that may not be able to come out for their own personal reasons, that they are valid, and there are people out there just like them, supporting them.
II. Words from the Higher Command
Mchappy (ACP Panel of Guardians)

It’s Pride month! One of my favorite times of the year. Unfortunately, due to a global pandemic, many events have been cancelled around the world in a month that has been a safe space for people to express themselves.

For all my LGBT+ friends, I hope your time in ACP has been nothing but loving and kind. I have first hand experience being in armies and not everyone always accepting different sexualities. A lot has changed in this community since 2008. I am honored to be consistently recognized as one of the first members to really open people’s eyes in normalizing what, in the early 2010s, was seen as controversial.

I truly believe that you are all special and have an important purpose. Celebrate proudly this month, regardless of circumstances, and everyone remember to stay safe. Remember the new golden rule: treat others how THEY want to be treated. Respect one another. Spread love.

Shab (ACP Panel of Guardians)

I came out to ACP, and other army folks, in the summer of 2013 via my CP facebook. Not a single negative comment was made, and my friends all accepted me.

I think ACP was one of the more accepting groups at the time, but it of course helps to be in a position of power. I don’t remember having to worry about hiding my bisexuality from anyone on xat, and I also had some other members come out to me as well.

I’m proud of anyone who has had the courage to come out, and root for anyone who still hasn’t to find that courage!

CSY (ACP Leader)

Coming from a period where the community was not as accepting of LGBT+ community, it’s amazing to see how far the community has come, as a whole, in terms of love, support and encouragement towards LGBT+ individuals. From hiding the fact that I was in a relationship in OG, to openly talking, joking about my relationships with the staff team – ACP has truly made me feel comfortable about myself.
Sometimes, it might not be safe or possible to come out – but believe in yourself and stand up for those you love, no matter what happens.

Max (ACP UK Leader) 
I’ve been in the Army of Club Penguin for well over 6 months now, and I’m so proud of the welcoming and supportive environment we have created. Everyone knows me as the ‘out, loud and proud’ LGBT+ member of the community, but this has not always been the case. For years and years I’ve struggled with my sexuality and to be completely honest, I still do to this day. But one thing I do know is that our online community has helped me massively in the past and still does to this day – to be so open and unapologetic about my homosexuality and to still be loved and accepted by everyone is such an amazing feeling. Thank you to everyone in our beautiful army for making it a place of safety and full of love. I really love you all, so much.

Koloway (47th leader of the ACP, current 3ic)
Being bisexual in ACP has really shown me that the clover family is truly inclusive. In so many armies, I and others have faced very forced means of inclusion among the ranks. It has shown me that being gay together means family forever!

III. Troop Submissions

Note: This is arranged in order of date of submission


Ever sense i was a little kid, I was brought up to believe that being gay is wrong, and why I started to get feeling for another girl in my kindergarten class, I though I was Satan’s child, I didn’t deserve to be loved, or cared for, little kindergarten me spent a lot of time questioning what was wrong with me. When i reached about 3rd grade, my foster uncle came out as gay, my whole family hated him and his husband. Shortly after that I told my foster parents, I was promptly sent to another family, which is my current family who ended up adopting me. When i found out my uncle was also gay, I was surprised as to how my family didn’t hate him, so I asked him “uncle, why does the family not hate you, your gay?” and, I’ll never forget this, he told me, “Gay, is okay.” He then asked me “Death, who told you being gay was wrong?” and I told him everyone, all my previous families had. A few years later, I told  him “I think I’m bisexual” and he told me that I was valid and he hugged me and took to get food. I think it was 3-4 months after that I told my parents I was bisexual, and they pretty much said they don’t care as long as im happy. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. This is the first time I’m sharing my story. It gets better, YOU are valid, YOU are loved, and YOU are important.

Snow Wing



As someone who is bisexual, I’ve gotten hate – I’ve been told that I’m not actually bi because I have been in a straight relationship. I’ve been told that I’m not bi because I’ve been in a same sex relationship. I was told that I had to choose because I’m just “confused.” And guess what? They’re right! I am confused! I’m confused as to how someone could possibly go out of their way to make someone feel bad about themselves. If this person is you, please, acknowledge that what you’re doing and saying isn’t okay, it needs to change, please. This doesn’t even go for just bisexual people – it goes for everyone, no matter their age, gender, size, race, sexuality, or ANYTHING. We’re all humans. We all bleed the same color. We’re all deserving of love, why can’t that just happen? It’s 2020, hate ISN’T okay, periodt.

As a note, you’re all loved! You’re loved by me, and I can tell you now that you’re loved by ACP, and if ANYONE tries putting you down for who you are, I will actually fight them. Green together family forever!! :acpscream:
-end of my gayness-


back in 2018 I had always felt out of place, I never knew why, but I never felt like I fit in. I knew about transgender stuff, but only thought it involved MTF-FTM. It felt like I was programmed wrong, I felt ashamed. The night I found out about non-binary people was the best, most emotional night of my life. Everything clicked and I had a completely new outlook and attitude, my parents even noticed.

I told my parents after Synagogue that I  was non binary and they called me a freak. I was kicked out of my house and moved in with my grandmother, she was extremely supportive. During this time I discovered club penguin and club penguin armies, it helped me immensely with the hatred being spewed at me from all angles. People at school would call me Fagboy or Fag in denial, I would spend hours crying over it. This community was able to help me immensely in getting through the struggles of being a confused, young , non binary teen. A group of black boys at my school would constantly terrify me saying “go shemale hoe go”, 1 day I fought back and I truly believe without the support of my online friends this would be impossible.

I went through hell, but due to this community was able to come out a better and stronger person, nothing can phase me and I am perfect the way I am.


When I was in 6th grade (age 12) i was sitting outside the locker rooms waiting for gym to start and i went over to talk to someone i recognized but wasn’t close with yet, she showed me her drawing and we talked for a bit and she actually care out to me as a lesbian, at that moment i realized, it’s not just adults in the community, anyone at any age can find their sexualities, i felt like i no longer “had to be straight” so i started researching labels and such and found that the guy i thought i liked for two years (who didn’t like me back) wasn’t even someone i was really interested in dating, i just kind of thought that i HAD to have a crush, and i didn’t, i connected with a few more people from my gym and chorus class and found a little group of people in the lgbtq+ community who i then became friends with, i found the label pansexual fit me best and i came out to the first person, the person who had come out to me, sometime in late january of that year, in between i came out to a few more people including my mom and on april 1st of that year i officially came out on instagram (of course, april fools day)

I’ve been out and proud for a little over 3 years now and though I’m still trying to figure things out with my sexuality and now my gender I know that i am part of a wonderful and amazing community and i hope to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights when I’m older 🙂


So yeah, I’m bi I guess. I’ve always battled with my sexuality. Ever since my friend came out to me when we were 13, it opened my mind up to the LGBTQ+ world. I had never really been aware of sexuality before, and I’d never even thought for a second that I could be anything other than straight. I grew up in a Christian family, so I thought that people could only be attracted to the opposite gender. Even though our church was incredibly accepting, as it is a very modern church, I was just never educated on the matter. I started finding myself attracted towards girls and it confused me for years. It was after I got into a relationship with a girl that I met online, that I really came to terms with my sexuality. I don’t quite have a label for it yet, I just like who I like, and that’s ok. We have time and we don’t need to understand everything right now. I haven’t come out to my parents, as they are Christian I don’t really know how they’d feel about it. I know that they have a trans friend and are accepting of her, but I just don’t think I’m ready for them to know yet. And again, that’s ok! You should never feel pressured to come out or feel like everyone’s comfortable with and you’re not. We have time (:

“no one is perfect, but she is perfect to me”


Hello everyone! I quite literally decided to write this up last minute because this has always been a sensitive topic for me and I wasn’t too sure what to say. I, myself, am part for this amazing community and have been out as bisexual for almost 2 years. I always struggled with identifying myself and still do. I grew up pressured to have an incorrect mindset of this community. This made it extremely hard to accept who I am. Though, my parents are accepting of the community, they most definitely aren’t as supportive. Regardless of how I was raised and grown up to be, I am still a strong individual and will always support and love everyone. I also just want to let everyone know that you are so so loved and accepted. If anyone ever needs to talk or is struggling with anything, please never hesitate to DM me. I love each and single one of you! And of course, here is a quote to end this off:

“Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again.” -Osho

Much love to everyone, Sarahah<33

Here is a list of publicly out members of the LGBTQ+ community in ACP. Coming out is often a very scary process – and I truly respect everyone in this list for their bravery. If you are struggling, remember, always, that there are always people out there to support you.
Be proud of who you are, regardless of what others think.
H A P P Y      P R I D E      M O N T H     A C P !

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  1. I may have been around for a short time, but just know that I was happy to have met you! – P

  2. Loved the drawings and the stories

  3. This is one of the greatest posts here… happy pride month ACP!!

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