Club Penguin Rewritten: Better Igloos Catalog Secrets- June 2020!

Hello, ACP! 
This is your favorite boomer Sanya here to tell you about the June 2020  Better Igloos catalog secrets
So… without further ado LETS JUMP RIGHT INTO IT

Page 2

1: Click on the Left Arm Rest of the Bench to reveal a Snake Grass
2: Click on the Orange Goldfish to reveal a Coat Rack
3:Click on the Middle Of The Fan to reveal a Coffee Table

Page 3

1:Click on the head of the flamingle to reveal a Coffee Couch
2: Click on the pink seashell to reveal the Waterfall Pond

Page 4

1: Please click on the center of the desert island tree to reveal the Red Lava Lamp
2: Please click on the top of the hedge tree to reveal the Inflatable Dragon
3: Please click on the top left rose to reveal a Security Camera
And that is it for… SANYA’S CPR GUIDES
the elephant goes moo!
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Thank You For Reading My Guide!
ACP Brigadier General!

6 Responses

  1. Wow thank you sanya greatins the

  2. Thank you for this guide Sanya 🙂

  3. Many thanks for this guide, Sanya!! – P

  4. why did i not noticed this wow

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