[AUSIA] Fish Takeover – RESULTS!

Ayeee, hello ACP!
Today we logged into Blizzard and hosted a very fishy event! We swam across Town, Forts, Plaza, Forest and Cove with a lot of other fish! We even found out that the name of our great Commander in Chief, CSY, was filtered, he’s FAMOUS! Either way, comment down below if you enjoyed the event and remember to react in #event-chat for your clovers! GO ACP!
We maxed 44 penguins!

Major General

6 Responses

  1. I attendedPedroTP

  2. Testing to see if my new pfp works

  3. Eh I might try out something else. I hate how it cuts off

  4. Fishies gotta swim on this island… – P

  5. This was one fishy event

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