Hey ACP!
Today we logged on to CPATG- Breeze for our Adrenaline vs Cobalt battle. Battling on the Iceberg in the Dojo And finally the Ice Rink. Coming together to end as ACP at the Snow Forts to finish and an amazing battle fought well by both sides. minus a little lagging out


scroll down for results!

and the winner is……
ADRENALINE! winning 2-1
Thank you once again for everyone that showed up! make sure to dm Supervisor Kailey for your clovers.
Zelly ACP General

12 Responses

  1. Battle well fought! Adrenaline FTW!!

  2. I came, fun battle!

  3. GG! way to go adrenaline!

  4. Wait no, this result is corrupt… Either way, amazing battles!!

  5. seems fair to me

  6. I came :DD LES GO TEAM RED!!!

  7. Oh but Cobalt is better πŸ™‚

  8. it should be fixed now!

  9. i came! πŸ˜€

  10. Technically not an Echo defeat since it wasn't Echo..

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