[UK/US] ACP Diversity Parade

Hello ACP!!

Today we had ACPs first-ever Diversity Parade! we all joined up on Breeze-CPATG to parade around the island showing off who we really are followed by a lovely dance & Fashion Show for you all to show off and tell us about you amazing outfits (Sponsored by #events) Make sure to check out #events and DM @Kailey#4053 for your clovers and attendance! 

(Winner and Runner ups are below the event pics, go check them out!)

Now the results of the fashion show!

The winner was…..
Our Runners up are….
Shebyr                                Keynikki                                    Lucia
Zelly ACP General

9 Responses

  1. I came!! Congrats Nikachu, Shebyr, Keynikki & Lucia! your outfits were amazing!

  2. let's go max and kolo, we ship it

  3. Attended! Congratulations girls!

  4. Awesome event! So much fun.~Mrs. Max

  5. I came! An amazing event

  6. This was incredible I loved it so much *insert :EH: :EL: here*

  7. Loved it 🙂

  8. Amazing community event for an amazing army!

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