[UK] Moderator Lead Rodeo Event

Howdy partners!
For today’s event, we decided to wear our cowboy/cowgirl costumes, we showed the rogues on Marshmallow who we were and that ACP from The Wild West decided to takeover in a friendly way, 
of course. As my second time of mod leading an event, it was another awesome experience, we managed 
to max 39, our tactics were amazing and we had lots of fun. Make sure to dm our Clover Queen/Supervisor Kailey to earn your 3 clovers for attending!
Max: 39

ACP Major General

12 Responses

  1. I came! it was a great event chek

  2. I came and I conquered, good leading Cheko!

  3. Nice job, Cheko!

  4. Great leading Chek, really fun event

  5. I came! Awesome job Cheko!

  6. Chekoo! you did great man

  7. attended!

  8. I came, thanks for the support ACP!Much love ❤

  9. Amazing leading cheko!

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