Response to LGA’s Declaration of War

Addressed to The Lime Green Army
The Army of Club Penguin is now declaring war back against the Lime Green Army
we also don’t like your terms
No invasions between 12 AM EDT and 8 AM EDT may be permitted

If you can state WHEN your army gets attacked, why not just declare LGA auto victory on all terms, or declare that ACP are not allowed to defend or they forfeit the war? that’s why we bring you the following terms… (in which you have to consent to because you’ve broken our peace treaty)

The ACP hereby set the following rules:

1. No invasions between 12 AM EDT and 8 AM EDT may be permitted

2.Alternative accounts (alts) are prohibited
3. No harassment of troops allowed
4. Rooms for the battles must be scheduled ahead of time. No warming up in any of the scheduled battle rooms
5. Both armies must give a 24 hour notice for an invasion via Discord, Only 2 invasions permitted within a day.

6. LGA cannot invade ACP from 8 am EDT, to 12 AM EDT

(your set terms +1)

If troops breaking these terms are found, all of LGA’s land will be surrendered to ACP and LGA’s invasions for 3 months will be rendered invalid. 

Stop cowering behind RPF LGA, Ever heard not to pick fights you can’t win?

The Army of Club Penguin hereby enters war with the Lime Green Army.

I don’t get it… when did war terms turn in to a reminder note pad? And I get that we don’t have school and stuff but like can we get a history teacher up in here when did wars ever play by rules? 

we also declare war because…

Hates Cartoon Cheese Transparent Background Clipart (#4520812) - PinClipart

CSY – ACP Leader
Max – ACP Head of UK
Funky – ACP Head of US
Zelly – ACP General

3 Responses

  1. HamSalamibreadcheesewatermelonneed gas for carchipsoreos

  2. I’ll take all of them except Oreos 😉

  3. what do you have against oreos :E9:

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