[IMPORTANT] ACP Enters War (?) With Gigi Hadid Army of CP

Addressed to the Gigi Hadid ACP.
The Army of Club Penguin officially accepts your challenge.

It has been brought to our attention that, the Gigi Hadid ACP (your name contains ACP <3) is now threatening our birth and capital server, Mammoth. Despite the fact that our recent declaration of independence renders the invasion invalid, as we have already set the terms to foreign nations that we will not further engage in conflicts regarding territory, ACP will defend any threat to our capital and birth server, Mammoth, until the end.
Rules of the Invasion:
– No allies
– No multilogging
Any Gigi Hadid Army of Club Penguin troops found to have violated the above rules will automatically forfeit the invasion, and all future invasions against the ACP will be rendered invalid.
See you on the battlefield!
[AUSIA] Defense of Mammoth – 24th April, 2020
Times: 3am EST / 8am UK / 7am GMT / 2am CST / 1am MST / 12am PST / 5pm AEST / 4pm JST / 12:30pm IST
ACP Leader

We will once again be the rightful owners of Mammoth

3 Responses

  1. Uh, we're already the rightful owners of Mammoth

  2. That's the point we're defending Mammoth

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