[UK] Operation: Animal Kingdom! Results

Hello ACP!

Our UK division logged onto Blizzard for Operation: Animal Kingdom! We used the new unlock code (EARTHDAY20) and paraded the Town, Snow Forts, Dance Club and the Ice Berg in our animal costumes. We maxed 80 penguins with soldiers locked out of all the rooms, claim your 3 clovers if you came.

March On! ~Max
European Division Leader/Field Marshal

[AUSIA] Stamp Collecting Event!

Hey ACP!

Today, our AUSIA force logged on for some stamp collecting! We started off in the dance club, getting the red, blue and green stamps, moving on to the pizza parlor for the pizza stamp. We then did the berg drilling stamp, the coffee stamp, the band stamp, and the ice rink stamp. Finally, we did the ninjas stamp and the gray puffle stamp! (Shoutout to Kailey and everyone else that taught me how to get into the springs XD)

We maxed 51. Below are some pictures of the event!
Good work today ACP!
ACP Leader

[US] Operation Flood Results!

Howdy ACP!
Today the Garrison division logged on to CPR to initiate our Operation: Flood, where we flooded some parts of the island. The operation went really well and we drenched everyone in water!!!! We even got Skyver to check our event out 0_0. Anyways, thank you everyone for coming and don’t forget to DM @Kailey#4053 for clobrs if you came. React in #events if you can come to our next one!
Max: 31

Sponsored by #events

-ACP Field General-