[UK] Battle Training [Results]

Good day Army of Crying Penguins!
Today we had a UK/US battle training! If you need extra help with your tactics don’t be afraid to ask @Emcee🌙#7777 or @zellybelly#1349 for some help with tactics/formations! We practiced on everything we needed which resulted in some sexy moments. We WILL come out on top in our RPF vs ACP tournament event that is on 4/18/20. Make sure to DM @! 𝗡𝗶𝗰𝗸 𝗡𝘂𝗿𝘀𝗲#2127 for some french fries! Honestly ACP this is an amazing stress free week now let’s dedicate more time to recruiting and BEAT RPF once AGAIN! I have a dog named Panda if you care and I’ll shout out Sarah for being the chill person she is and Marquis for stinking up #Moderators. I may not have been at the whole event and I’m sorry about that lol school got in the way, but it was an amazing event thank you guys for this event!
Max: 35+

We always underline our victory’s with clovers 😉

We’re pretty lucky to have the Zelly+Emcee leadership

we like games with clobrs 

RPF battle 4/18/20 12PM PST

Have a great day ACP!
-Your Maybe Favourite Lieutenant General

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  2. I DMed Nick for fries and got the entire truck so you all have none left :e6:

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