[SPEC-OPS] Operation Underwater! [Results]

Yes, this is Dawnables saying “OINK OINK ACP!” for our fellow folks in HF! Here are the results of our event! Thank you to Kailey 2 for leading this event we love you! While Emcee was sitting there looking pretty and Zelly was putting on her clown gear we were going around the island doing some fun tactics. If you weren’t there WATER YOU DOING???? This event was EXTREMELY fun guys I’m so glad you all chose to come out! We have still have that tournament to be prepared for on 4/18 against the RPF! Make sure to wear your best clovers to the event! Little honorable mention we love our mods Sarah for stepping up to the plate with recruiting and Cubby for being a dope dude. If you ever wanna get mentioned in my post ig dm me cuz im bored LOL. Anyway more news.

Max: 43
This post was created by your favourite lieutenant General (or at least I’d like to think…)
Love you ACP!

5 Responses

  1. Shut up dawn

  2. This was a lotta fun 🙂

  3. yall clowns

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