[UK] Battle vs. RPF! [RESULTS]

What’s up, ACP!

Today, we logged onto Crystal, CPR for our Premier League Tournament Battle against RPF. While the battle was tough, and we might not have won, ACP performed to its best and all of HiCOM is proud of its performance! The march is not over, though. Our biggest fight is yet to come. 

Max: 55+

Prepare for the next battle, ACP! 

ACP, General

[UK/US] Post Battle Training

Hey ACP!
Today we logged on to Crystal CPR for our post battle training! Thank you for coming!
Max- 49

Battle Tips Part 2

What’s up, ACP!

Today, we’re going to talk about quick entrances, formation tips, and holding tactics. These are more advanced tips to help with our battle against larger armies. It’s important to review these as our larger battles come up in the Premier League Tournament! 


Why are entrances important? Rooms in all CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers) have a max number of penguins that it can hold. If another army gets there first, we will be at a disadvantage since size is a large factor in winning. 

– Voice Chat. More often than not, we will have HiCOM in a voice chat waiting to read the announcement of a room. This means, be in a voice chat and ready to listen for it so that you can move as soon as you hear it. 
Split Screen. If you don’t know how to do this, read the first battle tips post by clicking here. Splitting your screen ensures that if you don’t hear the room announcement on the voice chat or there is none, you can see the room announcement and be ready to switch. 
– Maps up. As soon as the leader says MAPS, you should have your map up. Put everything down and be ready to move.


Why are formations important? Judges look at our forms and compare them to the other army’s forms both overall and in the moment. 

– Move if you’re bunched. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t be seen from underneath another penguin, move. It doesn’t matter if you got there first, it matters if you’re visible.
– Make lines straight. If you’re in a line in a form, make sure you’re sitting between or next to people in the line evenly.
– Sit down. Press “S” on your keyboard without clicking in the chat bar to sit once you’re in place.


Why is holding tactics important? We want to cover the other army and we want to make sure that our tactics look good.

– Copy and Paste. Don’t type up a tactic. Make sure you copy and paste it several times. 
– Emotes. Make sure you’re pressing these over and over multiple times.
– Don’t let it fade. If your emote is gone before the next tactic, you’re hurting our tactic points! Keep it up, keep focused.

That’s all for these tips. Make sure you read Battle Tips Part 1 and get ready for our big battle against RPF, today! 

ACP, General