CPR Cheats: Pin Locations & Rockhopper Catalog Cheats

Hey ACP!
Two new pins have been released on CP Rewritten, alongside the return of Rockhopper and his Rare Items catalog!

The Purple Puffle Pin is at the Pizza Parlor, near the bottom left of the room by the pizza oven
The Pink Puffle Pin is at the Dance Lounge (accessible from the Night Club), at the left of the room by the green plant
There is one secret item the Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog. To access the Porthole, click on the Stuffed Parrot’s beak. 
March On! ~Max
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[SPEC OPS] Co-Region Event! [RESULTS]

Hello ACP here is the SPEC OPS lol,
Today we logged in for the SPEC OPS and had a lot of fun! We went to town and the migrator! We had a lot of fun doing tactics and formations! Thank you to everyone who came out today make sure to dm a HCOM/Commander for your clovers if you haven’t received them already!!! This was the SPEC OPS lol XD UwU. Have a lot of fun 3/13/20, it is a break day!!! (I’m only excited cause I get to sleep and Zelly can’t ruin it :)) Kellis wants me to say pp so here! Also Aero and Kellis take responsibility for the amount of fun I had with this post have a great day/evening ACP! Make sure to comment your favourite part of the event!

The max was 23! Thanks for making Meer have a high max for once! (love you Meer)

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[US] Invasion of Alpine Results

Hello hello hello, ACP!

For our Garrison event today, we logged on to Alpine on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, seeking to conquer it for the Democratic Republic of ACP. Our small, but mighty invasion force took Alpine with no problems, securing it within 20 minutes of logging in. BIG thank you to everyone who came to help claim some more territory for our nation!

MAX: 11

March on!

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