One Month of History: January 2020 – Turning over a new clover leaf

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Greetings, your Guardian here. Every month now I just get more and more delayed with these things. Nevertheless, I found time to share with you all our accomplishments over the course of January. It certainly was a bumpy one but one we inevitably had to get through. I can proudly say that the Army of Club Penguin not only started and ended the 2010 decade as number one on the Top Ten, but we also entered 2020 at the very top. Let’s continue to carry on the legacy we have become to be known for.

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While we faced no opposition up to this point, the Holiday Championships finals were just around the corner. First we had to get past an army of which we have come to welcome into the community. The semi-finals was arguably the toughest battle we had ever faced up to this point: the battle was declared a tie and went into overtime. Koloway, our leader at the time, ordered everyone on to voice chat and thus commanded out over one hundred orders in the span of less than five minutes. After that, there was no question who had won. We were moving on to the finals in hopes to win our first tournament in years.
The eventful day had arrived. Today was the day we would put it all on the line. At this point, we had already toppled RPF‘s domination over the number one spot. The only thing left to do was to beat them in the biggest annual event of the year. There was no room for error. Koloway, again, ordered us onto voice chat for the entirety of the battle. Frustration may have taken hold after having to switch servers and private servers so many times. After the battle it took the judges hours upon hours to deliberate… shockingly, we won. We finally did it. This very day will be cemented in ACP history forever. It was one of the proudest moments of my army career.
We held a massive scale Guitars vs Tubas event in the style of old warfare. Whose musical genius could outdo the others? 
Pizza party and Find Four? What more could you ask for? Oddone etched out as the winner of our Find Four tournament.. he got free pizza on the side!
In a rematch of the ages, we fought again against the army we had defeated in the semi-finals of the Holiday Championship. However, they were able to pull off a win due to scheduling during new times. Either way we congratulated them on their well deserved victory.
Reeling in from our previous loss, we decided to hold an enormous branch battle between two armies; splitting the groups up into Ruby and Sapphire. Now I do not know if this was a play on the Pokemon games, but if it was, Sapphire all the way! Maxing over forty penguins on the server it was decided that Team Ruby had won… grumble. 
Another tournament means another Oddone victory. Oh wait. Who’s that? It can’t be? Yes! Zelly wins the sled racing tournament! 
January 17th, 2020
Continuing on with the weekend of tournaments we held a hide and seek event. I’ve been begging our leaders to hold this one for a while. We ended up with two winners for two separate hide and seek parties. Congratulations Andy and Felix!
Later that day we held a card jitsu tournament, too! Again, we had two amazing winners. Y’all are killing it on these mini-tournies. Both Dino and Sirplus were able to pull off twelve wins each over the course of the time period. 
McMustard McMustard McMustard McMustard McMustard
I hereby introduce to you the Army of Box Critters. 
Unfortunately, Koloway’s leadership was cut short when he unexpectedly retired from the Army of Club Penguin. Maybe he wanted to pursue the Box Critters division full force. The world may never know. Thank you Koloway for all that you have done and will continue to do in ACP.
To honor the leader that had brought so much newfound hope to the army, we celebrated his time with us in an official farewell send off. His baton would be passed on to Csy, our current leader. 
To end the month on a positive note we decided to hold one last tournament favorite: sled racing. There was a lot of heavy competition this time around, and I’m happy to announce that we have a new winner. Reshy was able to win with an astounding 25 wins. Crazy.
Already will I begin writing the February monthly recap. I’ve been super busy with school, but thankfully everything has been going super well on that front! How is everyone else doing? What is your favorite thing to do in the winter? If this is your first time experiencing a Club Penguin army, it is super common for things to slow down post-winter break. What are some things you’d like to see the Army of Club Penguin do to keep you engaged? Maybe a mancala tournament finally? ACP SHALL PREVAIL!

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

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