Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Brothers, soldiers, men:
The day we have long waited for has finally arrived. The Army of Club Penguin has officially won the war against Templars, as a result of their own idiocracy. I bet you’re shocked to hear that war has abruptly ended, so here’s a quick recap.
In our initial War post, we declared that Templars could not use allies or else “all of Templars land will be surrendered to ACP and Templar’s invasions will be rendered invalid.” In a shocking turn of events that is extremely characteristic of the Knights Templar, they used allies.

We won the following servers for ourselves as a result of this war:

Ice Palace
Beanie (CPATG)
Belly Slide
Blizzard (CPATG)

This was a very well fought war by the ACP, with our record standing at 3 battles won, 1 battle tied.

Thank you to everyone on our staff who helped make this happen.
Thank you to every troop who helped make this happen.
Glory to the ACP.

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