War Duas Against the Knights of Deus [URGENT]

Addressed to the Templar Knights of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin goes to war with TEMPLARS.

The ACP has been made aware of Templars declaration of war.

Okay, we can roll with that.
We will be abiding by a no allies rule. If troops breaking these terms are found, all of Templars land will be surrendered to ACP and Templar’s invasions will be rendered invalid. We previously had a treaty in place to make sure that TCP didn’t declare war on the following armies: PZF, PWA, and GSG. Templars decided they were above our treaty lasting until Feb 1st, 2020, and now war is declared.In addition, many racist and hateful things have been spilled out by members of TCP.

Nice knowing you, Templars.

Remember: We march on, always.

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