Why not PIC on someone else? [URGENT]

Addressed to the Peoples Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin officially declares war on PICCP.

Recently, the Army of Club Penguin was made aware of PIC plans to declare the “War of Crimson Night.”

Nope. Let’s talk about that!
In a sheer act of defense, so that we can have an honest, clean war and sustain our army:
ACP sets the terms that any CNA armies (cited as EGCP, ST, RFCP, AO, WH, and TZF) are not to interfere with this war, whether it be to invade territory, log onto help with invasions, or do anything that could affect the result of this war. If CNA is found to be interfering with this war, all of PICCP’s invasions will become invalidated and their territory will be surrendered to the Army of Club Penguin immediately.The ACP is more than willing to talk things through with Sidie, however NotManuGinobili is craving clover blood, and is ready to get after us any way that he can.

Language! Manu bearing his teeth, trying everything
he can to intimidate Mchappy.
Eva showing that she’s a double agent.
They’re ready, let’s give it to them!
PICCP is raring and ready to go, and so are we. This should be a fun, clean war.
Remember: We march on, always. 

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