US Fun Event [RESULTS]

Today was ACP 2.0’s first fun event. We logged onto Sleet and begun and guess what… It was by far the best event of ACP 2.0, I must say! We maxed 44 and averaged 32. Shocked?! Yes, indeed I am too. We gained many penguins with us and obviously thanks to the recruiting done by HCOM’s and Mods, this could happen. Also, another surprising thing. While having this fun event, we encountered with the PIC (Enemy army). We battled them in 2 rooms, the Beach and Lighthouse where we held our ground till the very end and they had to retreat in both rooms as we were 35+ while they were just 10. Anyways, this event was amazing and I bet all of us had fun. See the pics and see how it went! :
To our surprise, the PIC were having an event at the same time as ours. We gathered our sizes and already outnumbered them xD. 1-0

I lead this tactic 
Outnumbering the PIC drastically as they retreated to the 2nd room
Another tactic I led which marked the logging off of PIC. 2-0

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