[US] Practice Battle with LGA and RPF [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP,

We decided to do a practice battle with the Lime Green Army and Rebel Penguin Federation with our US division. I must say, it was very difficult for us to get into formations, do tactics, or even move due to the lag from our armies. We ended up maxing 18 and averaging 14. Quite a few of us were locked out of the rooms constantly, the RPF were about twice our size during this battle while we were about twice the size of the LGA. Half of the battle, we were unable to be seen by the amount of chat bubbles being spammed in each of the rooms! However, we put up a great effort and did our best. I apologize if this wasn’t fun for you, if you were locked out or were lagging so bad you couldn’t really do much. I promise we will not do something like this on CPR for a second time. We did manage to sneak in some really great tactics though!

ACP Commander in Chief

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