Hey ACP,
I’m Karan aka thedesiindian. Yesterday I was promoted to 3ic thanks to the courtesy of Commander In Chief Chainpro and AUSIA Leader and 2ic, Sidie. My main purpose was to help Sidie to bring back the glory of ACP’s AUSIA it once had and also lift off some load from Sidie’s shoulder as she’s already so hard working. Anyway, coming back to the point. I lead my first event in ACP since I joined it in 2014 and re-joined it on 01/10/2019. We logged on to Blizzard as it had 5 bars so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get more members with us. We went to Blizzard-Town but the RPF was already training there. But that didn’t stop us! We went to Ice Berg, helped many penguins to tip the Ice Berg and in return they turned green and we had quite some fun there! We did lose size due to not enough hyping but overall I think it was quite good. We maxed 12 and averaged 7. 

ACP General

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