War is Over [Victory]

The war between the Army of Club Penguin and the Recon Federation is officially over.

We have won.

After a long week of invasions and defenses, the Recon Federation were eventually annihilated. The leader of this army decided to invade our capital just minutes after getting our first server, so we decided to strike back. We successfully defended Breeze and had back to back invasion to keep the pressure on them. The power of the clover clearly was in our hands during this war, and the Recon Federation were overwhelmed. We won ten battles out of the fifteen that took place, and only lost two battles. Promotions will be given out very soon.
Due to our outstanding performance, we will be holding celebration events for all three divisions on Monday… and we will have loads of fun events this week, which will be hosted on Club Penguin Rewritten. We will also have a three-way practice battle with the Lime Green Army and Rebel Penguin Federation (our allies!) on Friday, at 8:00pm EST. 

Some of the territory that we’ve gained throughout the war has been traded with other territory with the RPF, so that we could have more land near our capital. I would also like to note that we now own Recon Federation’s former capital, Northern Lights.
Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice
ACP Commander in Chief

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