Seizing The White House [RESULT]

ACP High Command Capturing White House, Circa 2019.
From left to right: Chainpro, Sidie/Eva, Koloway

Greetings ACP!

Today is a blessed day! Today the AUSIA Division stormed White House (they can’t stop all of us) with the objective of adding the server to our fine empire. Of course we succeeded, what did you expect? To be fair, RFCP made a valiant effort to show up and defend their server, maxing 5 and averaging 3. On the other hand, we won all 3 rooms, with a max of 16 and an average of 14! Fantastic work ACP, we’re improving at a marvellous pace. White House has now been integrated into our nation.

ACP Field Marshal, and Duchess of Cold Front

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