US Invasion of White House [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hey there, ACP!
Phew. We got some things to talk about! Today we logged into CPATG wearing our best green and 
everything associated. As before, we stormed their server to take on the RFCP in a nice battle for 
White House Pre-battle started at the Town, with us moving to the Iceberg, Docks, and then finally to 
the stadium. It was an extremely close battle, with brand new tactics like never before seen. ACP and 
even RFCP gave it their all. We had a lot of fun, despite the fact that ACP only won Docks and the 
rest went to RFCP. The battle was declared a 2-1 loss with RFCP maintaining White House.

Max: 28+ || Average: 24

ACP General

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