Garrison Practice Battle vs LGA [RESULTS]

Hey ACP,

We had a big practice battle today against the Lime Green Army. We had an awesome start, but we did lose a couple people midway through the battle. I believe we came out on top and won them over! Great job to all who attended, and congratulations to our new Owners; Sidie, Koloway, and Nicwin!

I’m noticing that we aren’t that great with our tactics. Remember to keep doing the tactic for at least 20 seconds. The idea is to get as many people doing the same emote/phrase as possible, this is one of the ways we “attack” one another. I would recommend having half of your screen be the Discord server, and the other half Club Penguin Rewritten. That way, you can watch both areas and do the tactics on time! Regardless, we did fairly well against them… it was well fought! 

Max 20 || Average 17

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