Garrison Practice Battle vs LGA [RESULTS]

Hey ACP,

We had a big practice battle today against the Lime Green Army. We had an awesome start, but we did lose a couple people midway through the battle. I believe we came out on top and won them over! Great job to all who attended, and congratulations to our new Owners; Sidie, Koloway, and Nicwin!

I’m noticing that we aren’t that great with our tactics. Remember to keep doing the tactic for at least 20 seconds. The idea is to get as many people doing the same emote/phrase as possible, this is one of the ways we “attack” one another. I would recommend having half of your screen be the Discord server, and the other half Club Penguin Rewritten. That way, you can watch both areas and do the tactics on time! Regardless, we did fairly well against them… it was well fought! 

Max 20 || Average 17

New Owners!

I hereby promote Koloway and Nicwin to the rank of General (3rd in Command).
I also would like to introduce Sidie, our new Field Marshal (2nd in Command).

Koloway: You are someone I trust, and you have quite a bit of experience from the Rebel Penguin Federation. You also created our stunning website! You were in the ACP in the past before Club Penguin shut down, this is your home army. I would like you to be part of my administration, please do not disappoint me!
Nicwin: Thank you for returning to the Club Penguin Army community when this army was in it’s revival process, quite a coincidence! You led Rebel Penguin Federation back in 2015 I believe, and you were once an ACP member back in 2008. Now you are an Owner in the ACP and I expect you to really shine and bring out your leadership skills. I expect great things from you, together with the other Owners… we can make ACP great.
Sidie: I’m so glad to have you back in the ACP. You were a former leader of the ACP back then, specializing in the AUSIA division. You have quite a bit of experience, and you are also an ACP legend. I think we easily can agree about what our visions for ACP are… I am putting my trust in you. With you in our AUSIA division… I’m confident that we can make great strives to improve not only our AUSIA division… but the entire army overall. 
Chainpro – ACP Commander in Chief
Mchappy – ACP Guardian

Unscheduled Gendarmerie Introduction [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

None of this was planned. With the amount of recruiting everyone has been doing in ACP, Chainpro and I have noticed an influx in Privates who are on the other side of the world that still want to attend events. Before the shutdown of Club Penguin, the Army of Club Penguin had the biggest and most fierce AUSIA division. It was founded by yours truly and created a legacy that no other army had seen at the time, starting with Gendarmerie leader Flipmoo.

Originally I wanted to hold this unscheduled event on Friday. I didn’t wake up in time though so round two was a better success! The fact this was an unscheduled event is an amazing testament to the potential this division has. Let’s keep up the fantastic work.

Max: 8 | | Average: 6

Special shout out to people like Desiindian (ACP4EVER29), Poor Richard, and Sandwich (yeeter17272) for leading many of the tactics! Don’t forget about the practice battle versus LGA later TODAY.
Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

Garrison Training [RESULTS]

Hi there, ACP!

Today we logged onto Sleet, Club Penguin Rewritten, for another fun training event. I was very impressed with how we did! Our formations were spectacular. However, sometimes our tactic completion isn’t that great, but that’s okay! For battles, the judges (Club Penguin Army Administrators) look at size, tactic completion, and formations to decide the winner of the battle. Usually size alone is enough to win, but if the sizes are close… performing good complete tactics can give us the edge. Our “A” formation was the highlight of our event, that was our first “complex” formation and we did it pretty fast! 
Max: 23 || Average: 17