Recruiting Guide and Other Things

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
It was asked of me today to talk more about recruiting, how to do it, and why it is important. 
First thing’s first, when should you recruit? Recruiting should be done predominately whenever you’re available for around a thirty minute to an hour block (even more the better!). The days where ACP has no events are considered recruiting days. While we may not collectively log on for an event, it’s best to log on and recruit other penguins to our cause. Recruits will need time to get the feel of what being in a Club Penguin army is like and sometimes throwing them into an event right after joining can create some messy tactics. This is why we have a Beginner’s Guide channel on the Discord server. 
The where can depend on the time of day: ask yourself about the populations of each server. If a server has anything more than one bar, it is worth recruiting on. In the case for Club Penguin Rewritten, moderators are all over Blizzard. Blizzard should only be used if every other server is at one bar. 
The room you choose to recruit at is important too. You want a place where people will first log on into but nothing that’s bustling with traffic. The Cove, Mine, and Plaza are all good examples of places to recruit at. EPF HQ is another great place– those hanging out there are probably interested in missions and spy work, something the Army of Club Penguin is known for.
You can even send postcards, like Meet at the Pool, if you need more space to talk to the person one on one.
The most important part of recruiting first and foremost is have fun! Grab a friend, grab some snacks, make it an enjoyable experience for you. If you don’t have fun you’re not going to do it often. Recruiting in pairs, or groups, is the best way to grab people’s attentions. Usually you don’t even have to initiate conversation for them to ask what’s going on. Unscheduled events can also happen this way. Enough people from ACP taking part in a recruiting session can give us event points on an otherwise off day; do a E+L (clover) tactic, take a picture, and post it on the Discord.
Now I’ll be discussing how to recruit. You’ll want go make your penguin catch someone’s eye and the best way of doing that is having your penguin perform a special dance. Remember to use an alt!
Auto-typing is discouraged in ACP. It’s just not the effective way to recruit. Instead, try following a script like this:
  • Hey there!
  • What’s up?
  • I’m _____ (bored, dancing, giving out coffee, etc.)
  • Ever heard of ACP?
  • Oh, it’s really cool! We do fun fights, events, and games
This is usually the beginning of the conversations. Finally, this is how you recruit them:
  • Look up armie of club penguin
  • It’s the first result
  • On the top post
  • Click start here
  • It’s an invite to join!

These phrases will redirect them to our archive website which has the Discord link right on top. We’re fortunate enough to have a website that is on the top of search engines like this. Other than that, it’s all about engaging the person. We DO NOT want to appear as bots.

Other phrases you may use:
  • Goggle it
  • Goooogle armie of club penguin
Try to avoid talking about the Discord as that usually can terminate in a ban. 
Recruiting new faces is how we continue the legacy of this community. CPPS do not have the same tools as Disney did in marketing Club Penguin so recruiting even just one person a day is so important. The Army of Club Penguin is a special experience and a bigger army means more friends, more conversation, and more memories. Thank you for your service.


Do not recruit from other army Discords, only Club Penguin Discords. Here is a copy paste for you to use:

Hey, this is an invite to the Army of Club Penguin! We are a community that operates on Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR). We offer mascot trackers, fun snowball fights, and other events like earning stamps! We were the first big group on the original Club Penguin and would love to have you join our ranks. If you are interested, join our Discord server [insert your invite link]

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

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