Winner of the Spookiest Igloo is…

Congratulations to DelfinDilla for winning our Halloween Igloo Contest! You will receive 10 Clovers and a spooky role on the official Discord server! A big thank you to ALL of our participants who have earned themselves 2 Clovers as well!

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

Defence of Shiver [RESULTS]

Hello ACP!

The US Division was at the front line today defending the Club Penguin Rewritten server Shiver from the EGCP. We maxed 20 with an average of 17. Tactic execution was a little slow to begin with in the first room, but that can always be improved upon! After an intense battle, we emerged victorious winning 2 rooms out of 3. Shiver (CPR) remains part of the ACP nation.


ACP Brigadier General (UK/EUR Division)

Invasion of Deep Freeze [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP!

For those of you aren’t quite familiar with me, my name is Moshi and i am the Brigadier General for the UK/EUR division, and i also run the patrol unit. With the introductions out of the way, let me present the results of our invasion of the Club Penguin Rewritten server Deep Freeze!. We maxed 13 with an average of 12. I was rather impressed with the tactic execution today, with a variety of emote, word, and movement tactics conducted. Deep Freeze (CPR) is now part of the ACP nation. 


ACP Brigadier General of UK/EUR Division

Seizing Ascent [RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

It’s me again, Sidie9. Today we took control over the Club Penguin Rewritten server Ascent! We maxed 9 with an average of 8. Tactics and attendance have dwindled but it’s nothing we can’t fix together! I love all of you. Ascent (CPR) is now a part of the D.R.A.C.P.

ACP Second in Command, and Duchess of Cold Front

US Invasion of Abominable [RESULTS]

Hey there, ACP!

Today we logged on to Abominable for an invasion, claiming it for our empire. We maxed 24 and averaged 20 and had some pretty amazing tactics and formations! We started off in the Town, moved to inside the Mine, marched to the Underground Pool and ended at the Cove. This was an amazing event, 5 clovers for all who attended! Below are some pictures from the invasion.

ACP General

Sidie’s Choice [AUSIA Event Results]

Today was a special AUSIA event, for our beloved AUSIA leader and 2ic, Sidie. Sadly, my PC crashed 15 mins before the event so I couldn’t make it to the event but am surely making the post to tell you all how it went. So ACP logged onto Sleet, Town and started off. Sadly I had no idea about the rest but 1 disappointing thing, we again lost size. Why ACP? Last AUSIA event which I lead, we maxed an amazing 17 but this time? Anyways, please attend the events cause we have to bring back ACP’s AUSIA glory again. However, 1 good thing was the tactics were much better! We maxed and averaged 8. Here are some pics:

Survey Corps Training! [RESULTS]

Hey there, ACP!

Today we logged on to Beanie for a UK Training Session. We maxed 15 and averaged 11. We started off in the Town, moved to the Docks/Night Club and ended at the Ice Berg. We started off with snappy forms and tactics and kept growing! It was an IMPRESSIVE step forward for our UK division. We hope to continue seeing this growth prevalent in our UK events. 3 clovers for attending! March on.

ACP Field Marshal

UK Training [RESULTS]


Today we had an UK event. The beginning didn’t go very well due to lack of hyping which resulted in only 4-5 members online. So our event started 20 minutes late. As we started, we logged onto Marshmallow-Town (Under my command and that was a huge mistake as it already had 4 bars). Then under Nic’s command, we moved to Zipline, Plaza which had a fine 3 bars. We picked up amazing size by then. We maxed an impressive 16 and averaged 14. However I led the event only for 15 minutes due to family matters so I don’t know who led the remaining (Probably Sirproditor). But anyway it was fun! Here are some pics:

ACP General

US Practice Battle with Red Miners Army [RESULTS]

CPR Guide: Halloween Party 2019

Hey there, ACP!

The Halloween Party has been released and will last until November 7th! There are plenty of things to do and items to get. We will break everything down for you so you won’t miss out! 

Stay tuned for more guides, secrets and trackers! If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Discord server here to receive updates on all CPR-related events and news!

For the duration of the party, you can transform into a sled in the Secret Lab! You can access the Secret Lab by heading to the Book Room on the second floor of the Coffee Shop and entering it from there. 
You can stand on the contraption and turn into a sled by pressing the switch! To turn back, press the switch again or going to your player card and transforming back to a penguin.
There are also plenty of items you can get. You can get one free item a day until Halloween by clicking on the tombstone at the top right of your screen.
You can also head to the Stage to buy costumes for the Night of the Living Sled play. 
Pay a visit to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber for more items and stamps!
You’ll need to press the four colored piano keys on the organ in the order specified three times in order to open the door. Once you’ve completed it for the first time, you’ll notice a red button in the tree on the left when you return again which will let you through immediately. The orders to press the buttons are as follows:
1st: Pink, Blue, Orange, Pink
2nd: Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green
3rd: Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Pink
Solving this puzzle will get you a stamp!
Go through the door to get to the maze and pick up the lantern. 
There are a couple ways of completing this maze. You can equip the lantern and use it to light up a small part of the maze and walk through it.
Alternatively, you can equip your night vision goggles to see the entire maze. 
Solving the first room of the maze will also give you a stamp!
Once you get through the maze, head over to the right side of the room to pick up the Swamp Monster costume! 
Afterwards, walk through the exit at the bottom right of the room to enter the Haunted House. Head up the stairs to pick up the Ghost costume!
There is another stamp you can get during this party, the Trick-or-Treat stamp. Visit 10 igloos that look like the igloo below to earn the stamp!
That’s about it for this year’s Halloween party! Have fun and march on!
ACP General