Ejército de Club Pingüino Resumen #35 »23 febrero – 1 marzo«


Hello, hello, hello (Purp here!) and a-welcome to my ACP Recap. My title is in Spanish. This is ACP Recap #35 – Ding dong, another war is on! And by the way my title is in Spanish.

Just got to let you know: if you went to an event during the week and you don’t know how many medals you would of gotten, then I’m covered for you. Just check the events part of my post and well, you’ll see! When I write about the events this week, there’ll be a picture of the event and below it you’ll see ”Medals”. Next to it will be the amount of medals that the event is worth. Well, duh. This is just for the people who don’t read most of my ACP recap because boy, are you missing out!

Sunday, 23rd of February

–News/recap of the day–

Aha! And so the weekend begins with a slightly unexpected event. That event? War. *Dun dun dunnnn* Yeah, war. On the 23rd of February, we declared war on the Dark Warriors and wow were there a lot of posts on our site today. Firstly, Flipmoo announced that he’d be away for 2 weeks due to final exams making Mrtchy take over the ACP AUSIA force. Ooh, exciting. And then Jerry posted the declaration of war on DW. The reasons were for revenge from that war we had with them a few months ago, that the leaders kept on constantly  harassing us and so we’d get a little drama in the army and keep the soldiers active. Sounds good enough for me. After that, invasions and defences were posted quite quickly and so the war begun. Also, Sercan posted a post aimed to the UK soldiers – he announced some new important UK rules for the war. Groovy. Oh wait, and that’s not all for today. The uniform contest results were posted today (from last week, remember?) and the winners were Rockyiceman and Chris. Congratsies you guys! Jerry posted another post today too, urging soldiers to recruit (especially from the RF) and announced significant upcoming events. Wow. Today, we also had a weekend force event (UK and USA force smooshed together) that was a training session for the war. There were great sizes and tactics!


Weekend force [UK & USA] Training/Tactical Session


Woo! A smexy tactic, a smexy formation and a smexy size. Excellent.

Sizes: 30-35+

Tactic rating: 9/10

Medals: 5


Click HERE for the ACP leaders’ declaration of war post on the Dark Warriors

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post announcing his leave for 2 weeks! He just returned on the 8th of March 🙂

Click HERE for Lumarnati’s and Stromae’s uniform contest results! I was disqualified (I too like to live dangerously…) boohoo

Click HERE for Sercan’s post announcing the new UK force rules for the war

Click HERE for Jerry’s post announcing upcoming events and telling the RF to recruit


Monday, 24th of February:

–News/recap of the day–

ACP VS DW War – Day 1. Today, day 1 of the war started out quite nicely with a successful invasion. We invaded Snow Angel from DW, and we won. However, DW didn’t think so…. and so they made up lame excuses. HAH! We had sizes of 20+ on CP and cool tactics. No wonder DW shrunk and logged off during the middle of the event! Furthermore, the USA force had their first event of the week and in the war. They fought epically with sizes of 20-25 and nice tactics and it was an absolutely obvious victory for them! So obvious that DW surrendered. Muwaha. So – score? ACP 2… DW nothing.


UK Invasion of Snow Angel VS DW [Win]


justice, biatch.

Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 8/10

Medals: 5

USA Invasion of Slushy VS DW [Win]


Haw haw.

Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 8.7/10

Medals: 5




Tuesday, 25th of February:

–News/recap of the day–

Ding dong and the war is gone! Unexpectedly, the war has ended… in just under 2 days. No one won – ACP nor DW. What a shame! Oh well. There isn’t really a general reason why this war ended since there weren’t any official end-of-war posts on either sites (there was meant to be one on our site, but no one edited it… same for on DW’s site). What DW said though is that the war ended because several armies are going to war with allies and it would kind of be a hard time. We made a treaty with DW that ends until April and all the servers that were taken goes back to their rightful owner. Okay then. Anyway, events were scheduled and the ACP were back to normal… for now?






Wednesday, 26th of February:

–News/recap of the day–

DUN DUN DUNNNN! Yes, I said DUN DUN DUNNN. You know what that means, soldiers. DE-MOD WEEEEK! And this time it’s no announcement, it’s no half-results… IT’S THE RESULT POST! READ IT IF YOU DARE (If you haven’t yet but I reckon all of you had anyway!). Also today, the USA force had an awesome training session/ulead with fantastic tactics and sizes.


USA Training Session/Ulead


the usa force doesn’t seem to like pizza

Sizes: 20+

Tactic rating: 9/10

Medals: 3


Click HERE for the Unmod week results!


Thursday, 27th of February:

–News/recap of the day–

Today…well, nothing happened. Apart from that Sercan posted an apology for swearing onchat: he said a curse word when banning the bot for doing some bad stuff. Nice nerves, Serc!




Click HERE for Sercan’s apology post!


Friday, 28th of February

–News/recap of the day–

Having a pretty okay couple of weeks without Flipmoo, the AUSIA force had a Ulead/tactic session today with decent results. There were alright sizes of 10-15 and mighty fine tactics. That is all.


AUSIA Ulead/Tactic Session

e9 gr

ausia without flipmoo is an angry ausia (sorry mrtchy <3)

Sizes: 10-15

Tactic rating: 8.2/10

Medals: 2




Saturday, 1st of March:

–News/recap of the day–

Today is the beginning of March.. HUZZAH! You know what that means, ACP! Yeah, PROMOTIONS! Oh wait, the promotions weren’t posted yet. Oh well. Today, the ACP USA force battled off the Nachos and won with excellent tactics and averaging 20+ on CP (maxing 30 too!)


USA Practice Battle VS Nachos [Win]



Sizes: 20-25+

Tactic rating: 9.4/10

Medals: 4




UK Force

Current average size: 20-25+

Performance rating: 8.8/10

USA Force

Current average size: 20-25

Performance rating: 8.9/10


Current average size: 10-15

Performance rating: 8/10




We had 6 successful events this week – 1 less than last week. We had 1 AUSIA event, 1 UK/USA event, 3 USA events and 1 UK event.

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to about 30-35+ during the UK/USA tactic session! Last weeks biggest sizes were up to 40-45.

18 posts were posted throughout the week. Exactly 18 posts were posted last week too!

The average amount of views we got this week on the site were 1167 views. 317 less viewers than last week!

57 people joined ACP this week – 5 less than last week. Welcome, all!




  • Honey is the only food that can’t rot. A jar of honey may remain edible for over 3000 years!
  • On average, adults watch double the amount of TV than most teenagers do.
  • The longest beard ever grown by a woman was 14 inches long.
  • You breathe about 10 million times a year.
  • Men shave around 20,000 times in their lifetime.
  • 41% of people experienced their first kiss between the ages of 13-15.
  • Bill Gates is richer than 140 countries in the world.
  • NASA says humans can survive in space without equipment for about 30 seconds.
  • By the time you’re 70 years old, you will have eaten around 23 pigs, 14 cattle, and 12 sheep.

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Soldier of the week ( 23rd feb – 1st march)



Here’s your trophy!

Poll of the week – results from last week: are ACP veterans cool?

Yeah: 5 votes

Nope: 4 votes

Other: 7 – meh, ACP VETERANS LIKE CHICKEN, MOOOO, idk, if they dont like ower , no. , potatoes, Levan is boss

Poll of the week

Oh, lol, I’ll let Alexia do her thang.


Hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap. Jeezus, 11 days late! My goodness, sorry there. I’ll be back with another ACP recap soon! Maybe even 12 days late, dargh.


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