армия из клуб пингвин резюме 1-7 декабрь

Heyhey, Purp here again (obviously) for another ACP Recap! This is ACP Recap #23- Back to normal..for now? By the way, sorry about last week’s ACP Recap, gosh I was lazy… oh so very lazy… alright, anyway let’s start with the post. You guys have some recapping to look at!



Sunday, 1st of December (Pinch, punch first of the month!)

Today was a very great day – promotions were posted (congratsies to all who were promoted and all who tried their best!) and ACP’s UK-USA Force faced SWAT for the CPAC Christmas Cup and won with awesome sizes & tactics! Great way to start the week.


UK/USA CPAC Christmas Cup Tournament Round 1 VS SWAT


the smell of victory – it was obvious that we would win

Sizes: 25-30

Tactic rating: 9.3/10

Medals: 5



Click HERE for PROMOTIONSSSS! If you haven’t yet, go check out if you got promoted or not!


Monday, 2nd of December

Nothing very interesting happened, however ACP’s UK Force showed us some great consistency with a Recruiting Session where they had an awesome 30+ on CP! Also, the AUSIA Force (who has been in a lot of trouble lately with small sizes) had a decent event with just 5-8 on CP (but with very good tactics!).


AUSIA Tactic Session

Sizes: 5-8

Tactic rating: 9.5/10

Medals: 2

UK Recruiting Session

Deal with it. The UK is awesome.

Sizes: 30+

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3





Tuesday, 3rd of December

Today was a good day too as our delightful USA Force showed some good signs that they have risen with a nice Recruiting/Training with impressive sizes & tactics! Nothing else happening today, I suppose. Just that some very awesome ACP events have been occurring.

USA Recruiting/Training


ah, USA. the land of bacon flavoured popcorn.

Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 9.5/10

Medals: 3 Medals



None again!


Wednesday, 4th of December:

No AUSIA and UK events seem to be happening, however there’s been an increase in successful USA events which is very good! Nothin’ new today.

USA Recruiting/Training Session


the USA force rocks the clover emote yet again!

Sizes: 20-25 (I counted around 25 in this picture)

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3



None… whoa, ACP!


Thursday, 5th of December:

Nothing new happened today (dull week, ey?) but the UK Force had a decent recruiting session with sizes of 15+ and good tactics – ooh!

UK Recruiting Session

Moar clovers!

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 7.9/10

Medals: 3





Friday, 6th of December (Gotta get down on Friday):

Today, ACP’s USA Force fought the falling Nachos in a Practice Battle and surprisingly won with sizes of around 15 and awesome tactics – good job USA!

USA Practice Battle VS Nachos [Win]


the powah of ACP!

Sizes: Around 15

Tactic rating: 9/10

Medals: 5





Saturday, 7th of December:

Nothing very interesting and exciting happened today (aw come on!) but the UK Force had a pretty great Recruiting Session (so many recruit sessions this week!) with good sizes of 20+. Woo!

UK Recruiting Session

Tootin’ and Recruitin’! (from the results post, hehe)

Sizes: 20+

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3



Guess what.. none!


UK Force –

Average size: 20-25

Performance rating: 8.7/10

USA Force –

Average size: 20+

Performance rating: 8.8/10

AUSIA Force-

Average size: 5-10

Performance rating: 7.4/10



Ah, another little decrease! A little unfortunate – the AUSIA Force is falling drastically, the UK Force had a minor fall but the USA Force has risen. Ooh, wonder what next week will bring!

11 posts were posted this week – 9 less than last week

We had 8 events throughout the week. 1 AUSIA, 3 USA and 4 UK!

The largest sizes we got during the week was 30+ at one of the UK Recruiting Sessions we had earlier this week!

17 people joined ACP during the week – welcome guys!



Facts ‘o’ the week

  • In the year 2000, there were 4 reality TV shows on air – By 2010, there were over 320.
  • It would take at least 480 bananas to die of of potassium overdose.
  • Google makes $929 per second.
  • A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.
  • Microsoft sold 2 million Xbox Ones in 18 days.
  • There are 923 words in the English language that break the “I before E” rule. Only 44 words actually follow that rule.
  • There are over 219 billion photos on Facebook and 210,000 years of music has been played on the social platform so far.
  • Giraffes were originally called Camelopards.
  • The shortest war in recorded history was the Anglo-Zanzibar War – it lasted 38 minutes.
  • The longest recorded marriage in history lasted 91 years and 12 days.
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • The world record for longest time without blinking is 30 hours and 12 minutes.
  • Santa would need to visit more than 1,000 homes per second in order to deliver presents to everybody on Christmas!
  • A baby elephant will suck on its trunk like a baby sucks its thumb for comfort.
  • The world’s oldest dog on record lived to be 29 years old.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first cat owner to ever become president.
  • Longest English word without any vowel is “twyndyllyngs”, which means “twins”

Site ‘o’ the week

http://www.hackertyper.com/ – TYPE LIKE A HACKER!

Video ‘o’ the week

It’s finally here!

Poll ‘o’ the week

Results from last week:

Facebook: 5 people

Twitter: 1

Xat: 5

Google+: 1

Reddit: 1

Tumblr: 1

Other: 3- Instagram, Grom Social & CP Forum (1 each)

New poll:


HOPE YOU ENJOYED MY ACP RECAP! Sorry for the super-duper-zuper-yuper late post – gah. Slime did it again! See you hopefully in a few days again for another ACP Recap!

~Purple Slime4

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