Armáda klubu tučňák shrnout #23 . 24-30th listopadu .

*7 days late… oh wow slime oh wow*

Hey diddly-ho, ACP-reeno! Purple Slime here again for my ACP Recap – ACP Recap #23- The NEW era kind of begins. Alright, yeah. So anyway, the title today is in Czech which I think is the Czech Republic’s main language (I suppose you do not say!). Now, since I don’t know what to write for the introduction of this post (I’m so not creative, lol) let’s goooo and enter the land of ACP Recap!

This pub-corn is not for you, kiddies! And it isn’t for me either..

Sunday, 24th of November:

After another yet great ACP week since Sercmoo formed, there comes another one… well, duh. Today, Flipmoo announced that he was on leave and promoted me to temp 1ic for about two weeks. It would be embarrassing to congratulate myself, heh. In other news, there was an AUSIA Recruiting Session where we had around 15+ which is very nice!

AUSIA Recruiting Session

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 8.9/10


Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post announcing me as temp leader, replacing him! Yayzies!

Monday, 25th of November:

Today was yet another usual ACP day, having some good events and all. Today, we managed to have two UK events – one unscheduled Recruiting Session and one scheduled Recruiting Session.

UK Recruiting Session

Sizes: 15-20

Tactic rating: 8.7/10

UK Unscheduled Recruiting Session


Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 9.4/10



Tuesday, 26th of November:

Today was a pretty good day – the ACP Senate had yet another productive meeting, confirming the new medals system, the new Senate system, power to the Senate bill and more. Awesome, you guys! Keep up with the good stuff. In other news, Sercan announced that us and DW have formed an alliance whereas we work together if we were in wars. Good going, Serc! Furthermore, there were no events today. Aw.


Click HERE for last week’s ACP Recap by me!

Click HERE for Waffle’s Senate meeting results!

Click HERE for Serc’s post announcing the new alliance with ACP and DW!

Wednesday, 27th of November:

ACP had yet another good day with a very nice UK Recruiting Session reaching up to great sizes. There was also the first successful USA event of the week, which was a Ulead/Recruiting where the growing force got good ol’ sizes of 15-18 on CP.

UK Recruiting Session

Sizes: 20-25+

Tactic rating: 8.8/10

USA Ulead/Recruiting Session

Sizes: 15-18

Tactic rating: 8.4/10



Thursday, 28th of November (Happy Thanksies-giving!)

ACP Celebrates a greaaat Thanksgiving having NO events today – yay! But there was a let-down, a small army called the Wizards of CP apparently invaded Breeze from us. I am not sure what the conclusion was to this situation, but we certainly got Breeze back! Furthermore, Jerry announces that it was de-mod week so the moderators had to show how active they could be. It already ended and many mods got demoted on Promotion day. Ooh… In other news, the Senate had another great meeting making many more bills.

No events


Click HERE for Slider568’s (he’s an ACP former 2ic) post giving all of ACP a Happy Thanksgiving!

Click HERE for Jerry’s post announcing de-mod week and some Senate info!

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post asking for the Wizards to return Breeze or else… WAR!

Friday, 29th of November:

Today was an average day of events – a decent AUSIA one and a pretty nice USA one. Oh, and wait? Did I say an average day? Oops. Well, it wasn’t so average. A very loyal soldier retired ACP today, that soldier who’s named Mr Waffle45. You’ll be missed, Waffle!

AUSIA Recruiting Session

Sizes: 10-13

Tactic rating: 8.4/10

USA Recruiting/Training Session


Sizes: 20+

Tactic rating: 8.8/10


Click HERE for Mr Waffle45’s retirement post. ACP will miss you!

Saturday, 30th of November:

This day kicked off with a pretty decent AUSIA Recruiting with unfortunate sizes of 10-13 (It’s okay AUSIA, you can do this!) and there was an RPF soldier recruiting too, with an autotyper. RPF! This day then ended with a very awesome UK Recruiting/Tactic Session with sizes of 35+.

AUSIA Recruiting Session

Sizes: 10-13

Tactic rating: 7/10

UK Recruiting/Tactic Session

y dis pic so tiny

Sizes: 30-35+

Tactic rating: 9.6/10



UK Force-

Sizes: 30+

Performance rating: 9/10

USA Force-

Sizes: 20+

Performance rating: 8.6/10

AUSIA Force-

Sizes: 10-13

Performance rating: 7.9/10




A slight decrease – the UK Force seem to be having great sizes of 25-30+ consistently while the USA Force is gradually growing. However, the AUSIA Force sizes have unluckily dropped.

20 posts were posted throughout the week! That’s a lot.

We had 9 successful events this week – 2 USA, 3 AUSIA and 4 UK!

The biggest sizes we reached this week was around 40, during the UK Recruiting/Tactic Session on the 30th of November!

21 people joined ACP throughout the week – good recruiting guys!

Facts ‘o’ the week

  • There are 300 registered superheroes living in the U.S.
  • Consuming chocolate was once considered a sin during the 16th and 17th century.
  • The average person has a lifespan of 26,000 days.
  • If you dial 3-0-7-5-6-6-6-5-5-5-6-6-6-3-0-7-5-6-6-6-5-5-3-2-1 on a touchtone phone you’ll play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’
  • Kids who play video games tend to have better hand-eye coordination, a better memory, and better problem solving skills.
  • Most elephants actually weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale!
  • If you were to spend $10,000 per day… it would take you 273 years to spend $1 billion dollars.
  • In 1830, the average person over 15 years old drank 88 bottles of whiskey a year – One bottle every 4.2 days.
  • Avocados are technically berries.
  • The word “definitely” is the most misspelt word in the English language.
  • For every person on Earth, 62 Lego pieces have been created.
  • There is an Old English unit of volume called a “butt”, approx. 477 liters, implying there is such a thing as a “buttload.”
  • Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada.
  • A full moon causes poorer sleep.
  • We are still in an ice age that began 2.6 million years ago because the Greenland, Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets still exist.
  • There is a fungus named after Spongebob Squarepants for its appearance. It’s called “Spongiforma squarepantsii.”
  • Microsoft is a combination of the words “microcomputer” and “software,” and the name was originally spelled as “Micro-soft.”

Search terms ‘o’ the week (these are what people who found our site searched for- hard to believe, huh?)

  • club penguin tace and fire birds army
  • clubpenguin nedcliffe
  • soldiers standing in a line
  • walrus
  • qwertyuiop´[ dfghjklç~]zxcvbnm,.;/123344567890-aqweqwertyuiop´[
  • big money big women big fun yogscast
  • a dawg4 for senate
  • how to unban yourself from colony attack
  • corocoro leaks august
  • doyouthinkhesaurus joke
  • well done on your promotion
  • whatv is a coprals job in the army
  • purple penguin master race
  • this is not war this is pest control
  • how to beat sensei in card jitsu fire without the fire suit
  • toy sailboat pictures
  • ac;p;og;
  • cp;;arme
  • pokemon x and y leaks
  • official haiti flag
  • evil border

Site ‘o’ the week


-There will be no poll of the week or the results because of how long it took for me to make this post-

Video ‘o’ the week


Hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap! 

~Purple Slime4, ACP 2ic

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  1. How does searching “toy sailboat pictures” bring you to our site xD

  2. I don’t think pub corn is actually alcoholic. It’s made with beer yeah but I’m pretty sure the alcohol is cooked off in the process.

  3. doyouthinkasourus joke? wow the internet is a “wonderful” tool -wary-

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