Exército de Clube Pinguim Recapitular – 24 de Junho – 30 de Junho

Portugese! Yeahhh, Google translate!

Hai, Purp here. Here again for another of them ‘ACP Recap’ posts. Where I of course sort-of recap ACP’s week- Monday to Sunday. Now, about my recruiting system post that’s probably going to be posted soon. I don’t think it will due to being pretty busy and trying to think about some better ideas for the system. Sorry. Anyway, let’s get started.

Peut La Récapitulation Commencer!

no problem


My goodness. Now last week was a pretty good week. A pretty intense one too- declaring war on SWAT and of course, winning all the invasions. Ha! Also, good news. Our sizes have returned once again! We had sizes of around 25+ at the beginning of the war but for some events we had around 15-20+. Not bad, though! A nice rise. The super good thing is that, well, we were in a short and easy war against SWAT. We surprisingly won all the battles and torn apart SWAT’s nation. kthxbai, swat.

Also, we’ve had a sad week. Poor, inactive Mchappy had to retire and Soup had to step down. However, the rainbow didn’t fade! Capncook and Toriare now our leaders and are hopefully going to bring ACP back. Woo. Also, Cas and Monsoon both got 3ic AND Flipmoo got 2ic. Congratsies, guys!

Now, it’s, uh. I think you’ll know already! The part where I show you what events ACP had the past week. Here goes.

Monday, 24th of June: Ausia Unsched Recruiting/Ulead & UK Training session

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 8.24.04 PM

The king of bombs… aww yisss… an epic joke bomb during the Ausia unsched recruiting/ulead session!

Sizes: 5-10

Click HERE for the results post by Flipmoo

dat d bomb

Sizes: 25-30 (whoawut)

Click HERE for the results post by Foldez

Tuesday, 25th of June: UK Unsched Defence of Klondike against SWAT (helping DCP) [WIN]

Havin’ a toast for defeating SWAT at the defence of Klondike with DCP!

Sizes: DCP & ACP = 20+ 

ACP = 10+

Click HERE for the results post on the DCP site by West

Wednesday, 26th of June: UK Invasion of Big Surf [WIN] & USA Invasion of Half Pipe [WIN]

Whoa! Wish I was at the Invasion of Big Surf! Turns out we were so good that SWAT surrendered 8 minutes after the event started. Booyah.

Sizes: 30+

Click HERE for the results post by Tori

ACP, you’ve done it again! Another win against SWAT- Invasion of Half Pipe seemed to be a success. LOL, SWAT surrendered 2 minutes after the event started. ACP only did one tactic.. aw!

Sizes: 15-20+

Click HERE for the results post by Cas

Thursday, 27th of June: USA Unsched Training

A really groovy ”Turn Green” tactic. Great way to CP recruit!

Sizes: 15+

Click HERE for the results post by Cas

Friday, 28th of June: Ausia Training Session // Meant to help out WV with event but event was withdrawn


Sizes: 10+

Click HERE for the results post by Flipmoo

Saturday, 29th of June: No event

Sunday, 30th of June: UK PB against RPF  [L]

Despite losing with small sizes, we still had a great sort-of ol’ fashioned battle!

Sizes: 15+

Click HERE for the results post by Capncook

Whoa, man. That’s a lot of events. And a big improvement. Well, sort of. Overall, it seems like the whole UK force has doubled up its sizes from 15+ to 25-30+. That’s the stuff, UK! Ooh, USA? You guys did pretty good too! You rose from 15+ to 15-20+. Not baaad! AUSIA? Ahh. sizes of 5-10+ on CP. That’s pretty decent. Hopefully, you guys will improve. I know it! Furthermore, Flipmoo is going to be away for 2 weeks due to exams. Splasher (Ausia 2ic) and DW (It’s a name of a soldier & he’s Ausia 3ic) will take over. Here’s our size overall.

UK Force- Sizes: 25-30+  || Performance: 8.99/10 (Last time- Sizes: 15+ & Performance: 6.9/10

USA Force- Sizes: 15-20+ || Performance: 7.6/10 (Last time- Sizes: 15+ & Performance: 7/10)

Ausia Force- Sizes: 5-10+ || Performance: 6/10 (Last time- Sizes: 10+ & Performance: 6.99999999)

34 People have joined ACP the past week. That’s 10 more than last time!

8 Is the number of events we had last week.  3 more than last time.. oooh!

 Is the number of unscheduled events we had last week. Last time we had none…

20  Posts have been posted the past week.Woo!

 Is the number of servers we managed to invade last week. Hello Half Pipe and Big Surf!

Click HERE for Mchappy’s last post – his very very short retirement post and his  very very short announcement about who  the new 1ic’s, 2ic’s and 3ic’s will be.

Click HERE for a post by Capncook announcing that we are now sharing the server Mammoth with DCP!

Click HERE for another post by Capncook about bringing divisions back and announcing who gets to lead the divisions!

Click HERE for a post about Superoo stepping down from 3ic to moderator. Noo!

Click HERE for Capncook’s post saying that the short war with Pirates of CP is surprisingly over!

Click HERE for Monsoon’s post about her and Cas as the new 3ic’s. Congrats guys!

Click HERE for Foldez’s awesome Project N post!

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post announcing that he will be absent from the 1st to the 12th of July due to exams. Good luck Flipmoo! Splasher will be taking over the Ausia division with a little help from Dw (the soldier, not the army!)

Click HERE for Tori’s recruiting contest! The prizes are great- please enter!

Tuesday: Recruiting Session

Tuesday, July 2nd

Server: To be announced on chat


7pm EST

6pm CST

5pm MST

4pm PST

12am UK (Midnight)


Wednesday : Training Session

Wednesday, July 3rd

Server: Zipline


12pm UK

7pm WST  

8pm JST

8:30pm ACST 

9pm AEST 

Meet up at Town

GOAL: 10+

Thursday: Training Session

Thursday, July 4th

Server: Breeze


5pm EST

4pm CST

3pm MST

2pm PST

10pm UK

Friday: Practice Battle with the Army Republic

Friday, July 5th

Server: Klondike


1pm UK

8pm WST

9pm JST

9:30pm ACST

10pm AEST

 Meet up at Snow Forts

GOAL: 14+

Saturday : UK Recruiting Session

Saturday, July 6th

Server: To be announced on chat


2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST

12:30pm MST (Noon)

11:30am PST (Noon)

7:30pm UK

What: Practice Battle with DCP

Where: Big Surf, Town


When: Saturday, July 6, 2013

1:00 PM PDT, 2:00 PM MST, 3:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM EDT, 9:00 PM GMT

Click HERE and HERE for the sources aka the event posts.

Poll of ze week

Here are the results from last weeks poll…

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

17 votes.

Pepperoni: 8 votes. Boo!

ANYTHING I WANT!: 4 votes. Aww yisss.

Bacon: 3 votes. Booyah!

Mushrooms: 1 vote. You kiddin’ me?

Mac n cheese: 1 vote. wat.

Anchovies, spinach and eggs: 0 votes. Hell yeah!


All of those flavours are REAL.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap post! Sorry for the delay. I was very busy.

~Purple Slime4

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  1. Nice post, and btw it’s Dw not DW ( DW is Dark Warriors)

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