Recruiting Day Results

Hey everyone! Today we had a recruiting day. We had two events that were both dedicated to recruiting. One event was held on Club Penguin, while the other was a chat recruiting session. I honestly think the Club Penguin recruiting session was a lot better than the chat recruiting session. Not very many people were on chats to recruit from. With that being said, we maxed about 30 at our Club Penguin recruiting session. We also did well with tactics. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Click “Read more” for the pictures!

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▂▃▅ACP RECAP▅▃▂ ♣ נυly 22η∂ – נυly 2ȣтн ♣

Ahhh, good ol’ Messletters. 

Purp here and welcome to Purple Slime’s ACP Recap #9! Sorry for that delay again… anyway, click read more and as for always..

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Training Session Results

Hey everyone! Today we had a training session, and we did well in my opinion. We maxed about 26, and had lovely tactics. We also had some people from AR come to our event, and watched (as seen in the pictures).

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The Retirement Of Clintos, ACP Legend

Slider: RETIRED ON THE SAME DAY. :mrgreen:

^G ot your back Blue2.

So I’m retiring, because CP Armies suck now and aren’t any fun. I came back to be an advisor, not a soldier. I’ll continue being an Advisor to the Leaders if any of them are actually going to use me, unlike it’s been so far. Anyways, to skip all the formalities, here’s a short overview:

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Election Day 2013

Hello ACP,

(Retired ACP Legends may vote)

                    As President, I think I’m obligated to do this…

Is this the wrong music a president plays when he walks into the room? Not for me it isn’t. =P

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Playlist Suggestions For Chat!

Hey ACP,  it’s me Japan.  Surprised to see a post from me?   Well, I have been thinking,   many chats on Xat have a music list,   it gets annoying sometimes waiting for a good song on the chat radio to come on or having listen to a song you don’t like.  With this music list, we can have a huge selection of songs to choose from and no longer have the problem of an annoying song you don’t like coming on the radio.  Radios are the little brother of the music list.

If some of you know me well you might be thinking “Oh great it’s going to be all K-pop music” well it’s not.  The whole thing will be mostly english songs everyone likes.  What I’m looking for in this music list is what do most people like,  not what one or two people like,  songs everyone likes.   I want to hear from all of ACP,  not just a few,  every single one of you guys I want to hear from.   This music list is for everyone and if it’s for everyone,  everyone must be involved in this music list.

So, this is how it’s going to work.  If you have any ideas or would like a song to be picked,  make a list of songs you would like to be on the music list,  leave me a comment on this post and I will answer your questions as soon as I can.   I will be checking this post a couple of times a day so don’t worry,  you will not be ignored.  I’m really open to others opinions and ideas.

I also understand that when most people listen to the same song too much, they  get sick of it easily and fast. This is why I want songs everyone likes so most people don’t get bored with it easily.   So,   I’m giving everyone until next Monday (1 week)  to leave a comment on the post.   Which is pretty long enough and it’s not that hard, it only takes less than a min of your time.    The music list will be updated every two months.   Hurry and comment!

– Japan

Events Galore

Capncook: I will be away all week except for some mornings and nights because of band camp, sorry (Insert American Pie reference here). I’ve talked to Tori already and the senate stuff will proceed as planned. I have no doubt Tori and the other ACP leaders will be able to keep the ACP strong in this time. Once band camp is over, my activity should skyrocket back to what it used to be. Thank you all for your patience, and don’t give Tori a hard time. Email me at if you need to.

Hey everyone! For this week’s events, we’ll be trying something new. For one of these days, we’ll be having a few events in one day. On this day, we’ll be recruiting for both events. It’ll just be a day to recruit, and stuff. So, yeah. For example, one event will be for recruiting on Club Penguin while the other one will be recruiting on chats. I’ll link a guide for chat recruiting at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check that out if you don’t know how to chat recruit! Click “Read more” for more events!

AUSIA Soldiers – Click HERE for AUSIA events!

UK = Red, US = Blue, Everyone = Teal

Sunday, August 4th

Recruiting Session

Server: Avalanche, Room: Town

Times: 1pm EST // 12pm CST // 11am MST // 10am PST // 6pm BST

Chat RecruitingI recommend checking out this wonderful post by the lovely Mchappy, which is basically a helpful guide on chat recruiting. Click HERE for the post. I’m sure you’d probably find the post to be helpful. Otherwise, just ask me if you have any questions.

Comment below if you can come to any of these events!


Ausia Event Results

Greetings, ACP!

Our Red vs Blue practice battle that we were planning to have didn’t really work out, so instead we did some good recruiting and got a decent amount on Club Penguin! I would like to thank Sercan for doing an excellent job in recruiting, commanding, and supporting me when I was unable to give orders. Those who made it to this event did a great job as well! Make sure you comment to earn credit!

We maxed around 19/20 whilst averaging 12.

Comment if you made it!

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Legends Cup Battle Results

Hey everyone! Today we faced WV in the Legends Cup battle. We maxed about 20, and had pretty good tactics. With that being said, it was announced that ACP won the battle! Congratulations everyone, and well done! Although, it was a fairly close battle. Thanks to WV for the good battle. Now onto the pictures from the battle. Click “Read more” for the pictures.

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Business As Usual

Hello ACP,


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