Just Another Contest

Hey are you a new recruit? Check this out before going anywhere! acparmy.com/join Also, go right to here as soon as possible! xat.com/theacp

Capncook: Whoever published the promotions post is in BIG trouble. Members, don’t feel left out, you will be promoted, someone prematurely posted the promoti0ns.

Hey everyone! I actually have something for you all, and it’s not an event results post. Shocker, huh? I think you’ll all enjoy what I have in store for you all.

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This Week’s Events

Note from Splasher to AUSIA Troops: Please comment if whether or not you can attend the Ausia events here.

UK = Red



Saturday : UK Recruiting Session

Saturday, July 6th

Server: To be announced on chat


2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST

12:30pm MST (Noon)

11:30am PST (Noon)

7:30pm UK


 ~ Slime & Tori

A Valiant Effort

Hello ACP,

(On a side note, Alpha Division will be defending OUR CAPITAL, BREEZE! against a small army. JOIN ALPHA DIVISION TODAY TO PARTICIPATE! http://alphadivisionofacp.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/defense-of-breeze/ )                    

 I come to you today with the news of unfortunately, defeat on a practice battle with the RPF on Breeze. We’re not going to mope around on this. We’re going to use this as a lesson for the future. We need to be recruiting more and more if we want to compete with armies like the Nachos, RPF, and Ice Warriors. We are the ACP, we have the advantage because our name is so simple. We have the potential to be great ACP, only you can make us that way. No more sitting around chat all day. We’re going to have full recruiting sessions at least once a day and owners will always be recruiting as well. There is no excuse for sizes of 25 on CP. We need to pick up the slack and do it fast or we’ll fail. Do you want to be humiliated on CPAC again with number 7T? We’re way better than that. Let’s prove it.

To the RPF, you guys are really awesome, I am very thankful to have the ACP be an ally of the RPF. You guys put up an amazing effort and a fantastic fight and won, the ACP should learn from you.

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Absent from July 1st~12th

Greetings ACP,

I will be absent from July 1st until July 12th due to final exams. In other words, I will be gone for 1 week and 5 days. I tried being active in the ACP and studying at the same time, but that didn’t work as I got hideous test scores for my mid-terms. So this time, I will be leaving the ACP for a short duration in hope of making it up. After I return, I will be entering Summer Vacation. I will be extremely active and will be able to function as a USA/Ausia/UK troop once I’m released.

I’ve promoted Ken (Splasher99) as the Ausia Division 2nd in Command, and Dw2608 as the Ausia Division 3rd in Command. They will be having events and will post the results on the Ausia Division website, which is http://acpausia.wordpress.com/ . I don’t expect the division to be larger than it usually is, but I would like for it to hold until I return. I know you guys can do it. E-mail me at slimball2007cp@yahoo.com if you want my advice. I’ll be happy to reply. Remember to recruit daily!

Tori will be posting a recruiting contest soon, so make sure all Ausia troops take part in that as well!

Good luck Ausia Troops!

~ACP 2nd in Command, Ausia Division Commander,

Project N:’This Is War’

Flipmoo: The Alpha Division needs help on getting more people! Make sure you join both Echo and Alpha equally! http://alphadivisionofacp.wordpress.com/

Kai: What the hell are you doing advertising  that horrible stuff on my project n post.. echo is far better click to chat with us! Also don’t forget to sign up on our website!

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Ausia Training Session Results

Greetings ACP,

This event was somewhat chaotic at the beginning because we were all confused and doubtful whether we should aid our allies or not. The Ausia Division of the ACP were supposed to aid the Water Vikings in their defense of Sparkle, until I received an order from Capncook this morning. The order was to withdraw from the defense.

Although I wanted to help the WV defend their capital, I could not disobey our leader’s order. Which is why the event turned out to be a recruiting/training session instead.

To the Water Vikings: I deeply apologize for our sudden withdrawal and hope that this incident will not effect our alliance in any sort of way.

Onto the results. We maxed 14 troops at the event with a decent average. We had fun playing a sled race game afterwards, and our new Ausia Division 3rd in command, Dw2608, won first place. :mrgreen:

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Unscheduled Fun on Avalanche

Hello ACP,

Today, we spontaneously decided we would have an event on Avalanche, our biggest recruiting server. Capn led for the first 5 minutes, but then had to leave. So Cassius led the battle from then on. This was a good event in terms of tactics, and we didnt do too badly in size either. Achieving a max of around 18.

Pictures of the event:

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Hello ACP,

This is the PB you’ve all been waiting for… A PB with the RPF! They requested we fight old school and who am I to deny them that? So we’re going to fight an old school battle. If any old troops looking at the site want to take a trip down memory lane, come to the battle! =P

This means not too many lines if any at all, no major tactics or organization. Just one big mob and a whole lotta snowballs and charges and stuff. I expect sizes of around 40 ACP!

What: PB With RPF

Where: BE ON xat.com/theacp

Breeze, Boiler Room

When: Sunday June 30, 2013

11:00 AM PDT, 12:00 PM MDT, 1:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM EDT, 7:00 PM BST

-Capncook & Tori

The ACP War Machine Rolls Over Half Pipe

Hello ACP,

Well, after our earlier successful event on Big Surf, we held a second invasion on Half Pipe. After just over 2 minutes of logging on, the SWAT surrendered the server to our victorious forces.

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Invasion of Big Surf Results

Hey everyone! Today we invaded SWAT‘s server, Big Surf. We maxed about 35 for our size, and our tactics were fantastic! After 8 minutes into the event, SWAT surrendered Big Surf to ACP.

Big thanks to everyone for making Capncook and I’s first event as leaders a successful one. Thanks to everyone who helped lead this event, and took pictures! Click “Read More” to see the pictures.

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