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Dryvit’s edit: Tylo your bill is perfect, consider it a done deal. On the polls for senate elections, the small groups are inherently unfair in that some one will always think they may have won in different group. I agree with Wontonz, each tie, we will just make the group smaller and smaller until we have the 13 senators. I do think however we should have the sign up for longer then 5 hours.

First off, I might as well give you a recap of all the recent posts, so you don’t miss anything:

  • Divisions need to choose their Head of Propoganda, and Alpha and Echo need to tell Ktman who their leader is on Chat.
  • Senator Elections have started (I will speak of this more later).
  • Our hits, number of people joining, and number of people at an unscheduled event have all improved!
  • Ennbay may be retiring.

That’s all the posts I can think of.  I’ll add more if necessary.

Next, onto my business:

Okay, there have been numerous complaints about the way the Senator Elections have been done, and I see some obvious flaws here too.  I’ll list them:

  • There was barely enough time for people to sign-up, leaving numerous people upset if they didn’t get in.
  • There was only one poll, and you could only vote for one person.  This makes people who want to vote for numerous people upset.
  • The other problem with only having one poll is that, in the end, there will be about forty senators, because with only so many votes to go around, there are going to be numerous ties.

So as you can see, this election is problematic.  Here’s my step-by-step solution:

  1. End this election.  This isn’t going to work out well.
  2. Restart registrations, and have them last for a couple of days.  This way almost guarantees that anyone who wants to run will get to sign-up.
  3. Organize the could-be senators into several polls, and allow one vote in each.  This way we get a clearer view of which people the public wants to be senators, and which people the public don’t want to be senators.
  4. Count up the votes, and bam!  We have senators.

Think about it.

Next up, if you havn’t already noticed, I wrote a new bill on the “Bills” page.  I need Boomer, or whoever the President is (Dry or Jedi) to review the Bill, and either pass or veto it, because the Senate isn’t up and running and I’d like this reviewed now, since the allies page is part of my job.  Thank you.

One last note: The join page hasn’t been done, since Boomer did that whole rank overhaul.  Anyone who joined yesterday should be put on the ranks today or tommorow.

Bengals: 23, Steelers: 20


17 Responses

  1. First i think. Great Post. IM Updated now!

    THX Tylo

    1st Lieutenant Walewaf

  2. I agree 😮

  3. Don’t restart the registrations. Trust me, your way wont work. Why?

    1. We already have over 100+ people running. I’m sure you’ve only gotten complaints from like 10 winey people who rarely check the ACP site and that wouldn’t actually win anyway.

    2. If you were able to vote for more than one person it would be total chaos for various reasons. Also, most people only WANT to vote for one person.

    3. If there are ties, you just group the tied people into smaller polls. Also, there wouldn’t be THAT many ties – think about it. If two people both got 10 votes and 10 votes was the highest amount of votes anyone got, it doesn’t really matter. They still both become Senators.

    4. If you grouped everyone into different polls it wouldn’t work because you would most likely have a couple of polls where there were two highly ranked, capable people and only one of them would get to win, while you might have a poll with all n00bs that no one would actually vote for in the first place that would win.

    WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Megan Fox. No really, you should keep the current poll, take all of the people with the highest amount of votes and put them as Senators, then have all the people tied for the last smallest amount of votes into separate polls. Trust meh, it will work.

    TyloV5 Edit: Thanks for the suggestion. However, my method is what we did in the last election, and it worked fine. But still, I get what you’re saying.

  4. the last elections we had there was 13 polls, you had to vote for one person in each poll, that worked.

  5. The last election never even started.

  6. yeah it did.

  7. i like to be senate

  8. and i have about 2 votes

  9. I thought that because everyone works so hard and long on the ideas, and they never actually come to use, the Vice president and possibly other leders should gie a rating out of ten, so that people know who to vote for.

    Also you could hyperlink the names so that you can see there vote site.


  10. truthfully I am not that whiney of a person and check the site everyday multiple times unfortunately I had a religious retreat yesterday and was not able to get on until night. Also I actually think I have a chance at winning a senate election since I am a present senator.

  11. I check the site daily, But I can’t get on After 6pm est because of Homework and Soccer. I like your idea of having it up for a few days for all the people that want to run.

    You should probably have seperate polls like last time because there are so many people that are in the poll that you’d like to vote for and it would be much simpler.

    I like your Ideas Tylov, You are a great Idea Person =D


  12. dont restart the election Tylo its not ur job to do that. and also ppl already have lots of votes and would complain. and last time we did it the way u were suggesting i was but in the same group as Jungle Jay and Bobcatboy. i only got 2 votes one of which was from me. And now i have 6 votes. I woul be really mad (and so would alot of others) if u restarted the polls for senate. its already been like 2 or 3 days.

  13. tylov, i totally agree about the elections. i wanted to run, but i got off the computer for like 3 hours, when i got back on i saw that the sign up was over. i mean, seriously! we cant all be on the computer 24/7!!!!! and we do need more votes, the way we held election last time worked great.

  14. Oh great I had 8 votes and i was winning…

  15. Yay 🙂 Now I have more time to update my Campaign Site!

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