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Hello, I have not been on chat for a few days now, due to various reasons.

I would like to say firstly, Congratulations Baloon for winning the Background contest. Excellent design.

Today, and on Wednesday, Mumbai, the commerce capital and a city of over 19 million people was attacked.

This is a true tragedy, and gives me many things to be thankful for.

You need to see, that in America, we have so much. We have so much water, shelter, schooling, and the dream that you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard.

In Africa,  India,  China, and various places throughout the word,people lack basic neccesities.

My families friends lived in the area, where shootings occured. 

Through the grace of God, he lived, unlike 125 others.

Why did this happen?

This happened because of hatred, anger, which always comes back. 

“Hate the sin,  not the sinner” 

I want to get those terrorists, I want them to see what they did to India, and the United States in 9/11, and all the other things they do.  

But.. that would return.. and you can’t get everyone.

You need to better educate, and provide the basic neccesities.  

Why do people get radical?

When they have nothing, they turn to religon, and go crazy with it.

In Cambodia, little children have to search among trash dumps for food.  

When asked, what they want to be when they grow up, they used to say I don’t know..

Fortunately, a hero, went and created a school for them..

and now, when asked what they want to be when they grow up..

They have positive answers.

Give thanks for all what you have..

and someday.. use what you were given

To help change the world for the better, and make it a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
~Jedimaster17 aka Ankita

My heart and prayers are with the victims, and I wish them the best in rebuilding.

Someday, I will return to India and make a difference there. I will aspire to change it, help change it in any way I can.

I might just be an Idealist, but I believe together we can accomplish great things.

I hope you believe, and do the same so we can live in a better world.

Each thing, makes a difference.

33 Responses

  1. This truly is a tragedy of epic proportions. I saw the some of the footage on TV, and it is a horrible sight to witness. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. Excellent post Ankita.

  2. Good post jedi…happy thanksgiving to all you Americans!

  3. wow thats sad
    i feel lucky to live in america!

  4. my dads going to india in like a month or two… maybe he can help lol

  5. This is horrible I went out to eat and our table was right under the television. They had confirmed that it was a terrorist attack and that they had enter the Taja Mahal Hotel and started asking people if they were american,european,and chinese. they had taken hostages and it was horrible enough that it had ended with them catching the hotel on fire.We may just be kids, preteens, and teenagers but everyone can make a difference and that is why I will never leave america without a fake I.D. (I was joking there) and never do drugs

  6. Jedi, I agree with you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. And is that big edit about not posting things on the front page really necessary? I think this is a great post, and deserves to be where it is.

  8. You know, every now and then you wonder why people do these things. Well, the truth is, they do these things because they believe it’s right. They believe that if they do these killings, they will get 72 virgins and a spot neat god in heaven. They also commit suicide, because their familes get responded with wealth, the victim is treated as a mauder, and everyone in that group finally feels like they get heard. That they can make a difference to help their religion, even though they are hurting it.

  9. they killed americas and there is 1 american shuvrviver they said so on the news i could not cath the rest cuz i had to go to my cuzs for tg the police and the army is moving in witch is good but i fell sorry for all that died in the attacks and happy tg and im sorry for my uncal that did not make it for tg this year he was very close but hes in a better place now

  10. This is a terrible terrorism act. I hope one day that they will see their wrongs and ask for forgiveness, or that we go over to their country and whoop them for hurting people.

  11. I hope everybody is ok, and I hope they recover soon!

  12. Ouch, stupid terorist

  13. Yes, but the real question remains: What can we do to prevent more outbreaks of terrorism?

  14. im new and want to join in the cp army

  15. thats sad

  16. A very well written post Jedi

  17. That is sad. What is sadder, is that my friend’s, dad was killed in a terrorist raid, but he managed to take 2 more terrorists with him. I feel thankful for having people like that in the army. What is more, kids like us can make a difference in many different ways. Search the internet to find all the different ways that you can help this country end the war on terrorism. Do them. Support our troops.

  18. Also, that post was well said. I almost cried for my friend… Amen…

  19. well said ankita. if we were on chat i would use the clapping emote. and people, thanksgiving isnt the only time you can give thanks. be thankful every day for what we americans have (assuming we all live in america) and what others dont. we have so much more than them! some little children dont even have parents. or older siblings. some are stuck in oraphanages. a couple years ago, my best friends dad died of cancer. he was so down, so depressed,and thats just his dad. imagine if his mom and step dad died too. be thankful for what you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i live in canada thank u very much

  21. Well written and very meaningful, thank you for this post Jedi.

  22. Same Hockey.

    I realize this was a very tragic event Jedi, but still. This is not a newscasting site for information about the world; it’s for Club Penguin.

  23. God save you Jedi.

  24. Thank Maz. I was waiting for someone to say that. And nice post Ankita. We all need to be thankful because that could be us getting killed or something worse. But keep in mind Ankita, this is a CP post.

  25. ur like gandhi

  26. You know what Jedi, 125 people die everyday infact more, why do we give a crap now?

    2007 Greensburg. A EF5 tornado hit, no one at ACP cares.

    2008 Parkesburg. A EF5 tornado hit, no ACP cared.

    Those were far worse than this, yet no one really cared.
    Jedi: First of all, my friend didn’t die :O Secondly this about thanksgiving. Since you don’t give a “crap” , thats your decison, but thats obviously, all this greed, and apathy to others is was caused this world to screw up.

    The ACP site isn’t a dam news site, and hell, why would you tell us your friend died? Isn’t that personal?

  27. shut up lucario! it was a great post!

  28. Wow china rich$

  29. Your so sure of yourself that your commenting as Anontmous. Nice

  30. Your so sure of yourself that your commenting as Anonymous. Nice

  31. I agree with luc. Just because this might be personal to you (probably not), doesn’t mean your little important event goes up.

    Not long ago there was a slaughter in my country; but did I post it? No.

    The real point is, this site is not for real life situations. It’s for club penguin.

  32. 🙄 Firstly, this was based on Thanksgiving. Which you like many others don’t realize..
    It reminds people to be thankful for what they have instead of thirsting over a video game,
    A point which you obviously missed.


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