Promotoin Day

The next and last hint is hidden. No hints, no riddles. Find it. Told you, it’s hard.

Supreme Commander:Fort57

2nd in Command: Tom Yellow

Field Marshal:  Texas Vs A, Nakib, Lucario98765,

General:  Rapidy, Brbocko, Shaboomboom, The Jungle N, Cooltiger413, Headofpolice

Brigadier:  Penquin Jim, Casiusbrutus, Boomer20, Talyor455, Tomtwelve, Chrisdude100, Jcs11, Dr Nono Jr

Commodore: Braves Z, Manjensen, Borja, Sgt Jor, Yellowguy458, Thebest22, Jojofishy, Jcapp64, Diaa Lotfi

Colonel:  Keelord, Lousitania, Kid Robot, Jedimaster17, Sir Spedmobile, Midnightmoon, Orion Player, Acacoroth, Alenwen, Lordcody56

Captain: Bellehdewmah, Sheila Gally, Ricopetbob,Nodear, BC435, Arosso13, Coolguy12348, Coolguy4442, Ricopetbob, Noka 7, Lx72, Ephris11, Meggis1234, Dialga80. Golaba

Lieutenant: Smartuin, Clintos007, Pengui 202,  Jazz77, Db Penguin, Betarobot, Ajf77, Abecrombie29,  Coleslaw7175, Hattrick, Shaes2you, Ctar, Balloon451, Ambrosha, Emanuel2567, Rianjr2448, Paperman96

Petty Officer: Reallyred53, Centar, Zehroy, Superhighfly, Herofrances, Wgfv, Stocic, Rnemenja, Crazy Skater,   Saint1994, Rockstar74, Capuzzi, Podie99,Mod 59, Danny606, Yankee225, Rlin, Tommer651, Peguin21795, Racegirl, Kingcallum

Sergeant: Kobiydoo, Greenday9991, Nc735, Aalsdjf Gh, Cccorbally, Blky2300, Stratman13, Mastha Black, Solraidia, Seanehawk, Deidara48, Jarlo777, Starscreem 2, Themouse10, Bailey1217, Sahfah, Woton, Yoitspablo, Znoseberry, Mr Random 1, Paperman96

Corporal: Touchie, Jatar, Lemmy Koopa, Meowcat1001,Goldfishrocks,  , Pinata246, Dimimaster, Ev 007, bigguyben, Splotman113, Jazz474, Mrsquishy99, Fluffballbob, Splot Man, Deoxys, beakerbill26, pacos315, Blueface9, Red Rocker,  zzmasterchf, Cupcake2930, Goldraider, Bee Bandit, Geyer17, Pengu1, Buford432, Icy9566, Mr blubob, Ozzyqualls, Blete, Rap 81, Cheruby, Maupi, Cp Army Dude, Ganandorf787, Santa Elf 10, coolgirl77289, Batista1822, Freemen777, Doom, Aankita, Willnow, Super Blip, 11Steven1, Cismoy

– Ok these are the new ranks. IF you did not get a promotoin, or if someone you feel shouldn’t be higher than you, heres why. It’s not based upon what you feel, it’s based upon how i felt your contribution to ACP was. So no complaining about ranks. But if you didn’t get on the ranks, I’m sorry and I will put you on there.


Practice Wars / A.N.T.A Meeting

Practice War

 Practice Wars are going to be starting this Saturaday. I will give you guys more info later this week. So be prepared for practice wars in our near future. So get on Mammoth as much as possible. If you can’t get on Mammoth, go on another ACP server.

A.N.T.A Meeting

Ok there are a couple of topics that We will be discussing during this weeks A.N.T.A Meeting. One thing for sure is about Servers, and another thing is going to be about Elites.

Also I would like to thank all of the armies in A.N.T.A, for helping the ACP protect their home server; so all the ACP soliders oh a thanks to; Nachos, RPF, UMA, WW, too name a few, and several other armies.

Promotoin Day tommorow xd.

  • SATURDAY @ 4:30 PM PST
  • Only Invited Army Leaders aloud to come
  • ACP, RPF, Nachos, UMA, WW, and others we allowed to join


Rules in ACP

Well there are some rules in ACP that I just want to point out right now.

  1. Never ask to be a mod on the chat.
  2. Never ask for a promotoin, ( It doesnt help you if you ask)
  3. Have Fun
  4. No Spamming  (includes annoying)
  5. Don’t talk about rebellions
  6. Don’t do anything that you don’t feel is right
  7. No talking about inappropriate stuff.
  8. No joining or helping enemies
  9. Follow orders given by superior soldiers.
  10. When fighting, be in the ACP uniform.
  11. Don’t attack anyone unless they attack you or a superior soldier orders you too.
  12. Don’t fight with other ACP soldiers or allies.
  13. Don’t let anyone else claim to be the leader.

Elections should be coming up shortly, TomY is making the forum so that you can run, so in a little while we will be having electoins, practice wars, etc…

Promotoin Day is 2 days away.

All ACP Soliders must get on as much as possible on Mammoth.


ACP Widgets under construction…

I am currently changing the widgets. When the update is ready, you will see:

-Fort’s bio.

-RSS widgets for allies.

-The “viewers watching ACP website right now” widget will have a color change.

-And a special surprise… 😮


From the evil curse on me called Bad Grades controls me (i know it, it stinks), the elections can suffer a delay. Possibly, that will be on Monday.

I will tell the OFFICIAL training server (for practice battles or PARTY) this monday.

Tomorrow, I will officially give to you the .:Governor Registration:. to register to be the governor of the US north servers.


Cya tomorrow. Don’t forget to go to the ACP chat everyday to talk with the soldiers or have some fun with me with my “characters”. 😛

Fort57 Edit: Headofpolice is going to be given one last shot, same with Rapidy, and Nakib, talk to me on chat i’ll explain.


Get on Mammoth

Ok All ACP Soilders must go on Mammoth as much as possible. We need to get on for as long as we can to fight off the elites. These guys come and go really quickly, along with their little anti-acp “allies”. These guys can get a lot of help from the new catalouge that came out. We haven’t declared war on them yet, due to the fact they probably don’t know anybody else’s site, and lack of a chat. So get on, and this could help out your promotoin.


p.s. Practice Wars start again in a few weeks.

*ANNOUNCEMENT* / New Armies on CP


The so called “Elites” are going to try and launch a major offensive in OUT SERVER Mammoth. They have no specific time, but we know for a fact that it will be FRIDAY, APRIL 25. By the time you read this, it will probably be TODAY. So, right after school (right now, if it is Friday already) go on Mammoth and the ACP Chat. Stay in a group, and search the server for any Elites (they wear ghost sheets,  green hats, and night-vision goggles). If you see any, fire on sight.

NOTE: The Elites are not a threat. This counter attack is a) to protect the Mammoth citizens and b) to put the Elites back in their place. They actually think they have beaten us. 🙄 Let’s prove ’em wrong. 😉

That is all. *Salute*

P.S. We don’t actually have over 500,000,000 views on this site. My little modification to our hit-counter is simply to mock the fact that the Elites are trying to appear as big as us by saying they have as many views as us, when, in fact, they donnot. This is just until Friday is over, so don’t lose your heads.


There have been a lot of new armies popping up on Mammoth, like the Elites. Right now the Elites situation is fine. Other smaller armies are fighting Elites and keeping them busy. The Elites leader is 77Ninja77, and is giving us a hand full on Mammoth, but remember they are ok right now, cause you never know if they could get big, or they could just die out, and we can take the risk, because if they do grow big enough and start claming Mammoth, we will probably go to war with them, and everyone knows how much fun wars are on club penguin, so its fine right now.

Promotoin Day is on April 30th, which is a Wednesday. So try to get on as much as you can this weekend, and make sure you earn your promotion. Promotoins are given to who I believe deserve to get promoted. If someone moves higher than you, it’s not your fault, it’s just I saw something better then them during there time and effort that they are putting into ACP. Everyone is a valuable asset to the ACP, so always remember that.


p.s. Make sure you keep up with brigades.

Earth Day / Mammoth Stuff

Well today is Earth Day for those of you who didn’t know. Earth day is the day we are supposed to not be lazy and recylce, and all that stuff, but in reality most people could care less. So go and do something….. um.. productive.

Mammoth Stuff

Well I would like ACP to keep up the presence on Mammoth. We need the citizens and other smaller gangs/armies on Mammoth to remember that it’s ACP’s Land and won’t forget it. Ya this is kind of a cheesey post, but it needed to be done. Also Promotoin Day is coming up, on the 30th, which is a Wednesday. We will have promotions at the end of each month. But the promotions will probably get less and less each time. So show your ACP Pride well this week, get on a lot, and make sure you earn a promotion.


Brigades/ Mammoth Situatoin

Ok so here are the list of people in brigades that were given to me; Anyone can make or join a brigade, and you must ask the people to join your brigade before you join, you can only be in 1 brigade.

2nd in command:Alpha 315;
3rd in command:Jedimaster17;
4th in command:Jazz 77;
5th in command:Jayson 23;
6th in command:King Pringle;
7th in command:Cal

Leader: Me(nakib)
2nd Leader: Tejas
3rd Leader: Luc
4th Leader: Rapidy
5th Leader: Headofpolice
6th in lead: mazchester

Echo brigade:
2nd in command:Rlin;
3rd in command:Betarobot/Mr Ice Mr1;
4th in command:batista1822;
5th in command:Starscream 2

Shaboomer Brigade

Leader: Shaboomboom

2nd in Command: Boomer 20, abercrombie29

3rd in Command: Peguin21795, cooltiger413

4th in Command: Arosso12, Bellehdewmah

Fox-Trot Brigade

Leader: Chrisdude100 (Captain)
Sergeant: Deidara48
Petty Officer: Coolguy12348
Petty Officer: Coolguy4442
Corporal: Ev007
Corporal: Coleslaw7175

Officer 1-Freshboy2
Officer 2-Waddlebox123

M and N brigade
leaders: Noka7
2nd in command:Mastha Black
others:red rocker, beakerbill26, pacos315, saint1994, naruto4000, The jungle N

 Leader: Jcapp64
Mastha Black

Mammoth Situation;

Okay so there have been a lot of attacks on Mammoth, (as usual) but we want to make sure that the citizens of Mammoth know who is really in charge of Mammoth. So I would like everyone to go on Mammoth as much as possible, don’t fire at any army unless they fire at your first, and if its an Ally, don’t fire back cause it’s a noob who doesn’tunderstand anything.


p.s. Elections might be in our future, all you gotta do is bug TomY to make elections cause he’s in charge of that stuff.

No more divisions

Well there is going to be no more divisions in ACP. The Navy Leaders have decided that they are like a “army” so they could declare war on another divisions the Air Force. So thanks to the Navy leaders, and air force leaders for even excepting it, there is no more divisions. So I’m not really sure what we are going to do now with the USA North Clear-out. It will be every night at 5 eastern time. So I’ll just have every troop go to Blizzard, and I’ll stake out Mammoth with the ACP who have no idea what the  site is.


USA North Clear-out

Okay so the ACP is gonna have a USA North Clear-out. What this will do is Clear-out the servers that other armies think that they control, but we want them to know that it’s  ACP Land. We will have the Air Force Division Patrol Mammoth during the first part of the clear-out. The Marines and Navy will be patrolling Blizzard on Saturday, as the first day of operations. The Navy and Marines will be going down the list of servers until they reach the bottom of the list. Then we will start with the Navy and Marines patrolling Mammoth, and the Air Force doing the right side of the list besides Mammoth on Mammoths day.


Summit is the last server that the Marines and Navy will be patrolling. Also you don’t have to patrol the safe chat servers, it is unneccassary.