[AUSIA] Navy Sets Sail into the Sea!

ICE BREAKER, “Operation: Trident”– Why hello there ACP! Today, our AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground on Ice Breaker for an event marked as the return of ACP’s Navy division. We adventured into four rooms to reach the deepest realms of the sea, such as Town, Docks, Iceberg and Cove. Our unstoppable force had to fight the evil Mchappy, once again turning his back on us and became a hideous monster. We absolutely defeated him with a size of 15 troops online. Afterwards, our wonderful troops got engaged in a Hydro Hopper Contest, where Nyoooooom dominated all of us with a score of 3985, winning the Champion of the Sea role. Shoutout to all the mods, especially Calgo that made this event possible, with our amazing General, SIDIE9 being on leave.

Max size: 15

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