What’s Your Favourite War Medal?

SHAMROCK BULLETIN HEADQUARTERS, Sidie’s Office – War is the centrepiece of the Club Penguin Army community. It is what we thrive on and strive for. The Army of Club Penguin, having been a participant in many conflicts, gives out exclusive medals to troops who took part in them. Today I invited numerous former and current ACP members to tell me about their favourite medals!

Since the army’s creation in 2006, the Army of Club Penguin has been in an enormous amount of wars. In fact, there’s been too many to count! ACP creator Oagalthorp originally intended to take note of them with his extensive and well-written account of the army’s history named “The ACP Saga“. Despite this, his later absence resulted in a lack of record keeping, and as such it’s difficult to definitively say how many times the ACP has been to war.

ACP in a battle with the Nachos army.

When the Army of Club Penguin returned in 2019, however, new wars began to be recorded in the form of war medals, which would be given out to participants who had attended battles during those conflicts. This would become an incentive for attendance as they would become unobtainable once the war had concluded. Many Clover Defenders have amassed a myriad of medals that serve as reminders of memories they had made in their time as enlisted members. As of now there are 17 official ACP war medals.

My favourite of the bunch would have to be the War of No Revenge medal, in which the Army of Club Penguin faced the Templars for a fourth time. Though the war was short it has a lot of meaning to me. In a period of recovery following mass retirements and the loss of two commanders, the Templars attempted to snatch an easy victory from an army that had already beaten them thrice. We demonstrated immense strength on the battlefield in spite of our moment of weakness, winning the war 2-0. It is a moment in our history for which I have immense pride.

War of No Revenge medal.

Being interested to see how others felt, I invited many past and present troops to tell me about their favourite war medal and why they find it special.

Question: Hi! I’m doing a post for Shamrock Bulletin about the army’s favorite war medals! Would you mind telling me a bit about your favourite medal?

Mchappy, ACP Advisor and 3x Commander-in-Chief: My favourite war medal that I have is my RFCP War medal! It was my first time engaging in a war since coming back to armies and it felt intense, like we had something to prove to everyone. And the war score is larger compared to the other medals so we really had to work hard for it.

Moshi29, former ACP Field Marshal: I wanna say the first RFCP War. It was the first war since ACP’s revival, but it was also intense and so well fought.

ACP battling the Recon Federation.

Powerprimate, ACP Brigadier General: Hm… I guess my favorite medal is my World War Rewritten one. To me, it symbolizes a time when ACP was beginning to become one of the strongest armies to exist in the CPPS era and would signal the high expectations that was required of ACP. It is also my very first war medal I earned when I enlisted in the army.

Invasion of Tuxedo during World War Rewritten.

Spinister, ACP Brigadier General: Although I only have two war medals yet, my favourite was Gigi Hadid war since it was my first war ever for ACP, after waiting for a long time for a AUSIA battle. The battle was fun with only two of the Gigi Hadid army members showing up, and ACP enjoying doing awesome tactics, and formations, ending up beating them and successfully defending Mammoth.

ACP during the Gigi Hadid war.

Pandito, ACP Brigadier General: Of course I like them all but my favourite would still be the medal Fight or Fright. The whole tournament was such a blast and the final was even more impressive. I would never forget that we broke our record of the highest ever max, we had 116 penguins online (if I remember correctly).

Warm-up room from the Fight or Fright grand final.

Carmelo3, ACP Brigadier General: I would say in all my time being at ACP my favourite war medal has got to be the Flash Nemesis medal. We were ending the year 2020 on a crazy height after huge numbers especially from Fright or Fight in October and other events. Everyone was high on emotion especially after hearing the news that flash would be closing. That war with SWAT was such an unbelievable war because we won but also to top off the end of the year and an end of an era with flash closing down which was a major part of our childhoods and played a significant role in terms of Club Penguin being able to run.

Aurora67, ACP Veteran and Dedicated Officer: Probably the SWAT war medal because that was one of my favorite wars.

Battle from the Flash Nemesis War vs. SWAT.

That concludes this edition of the Shamrock Bulletin! What was your favorite war medal? Be sure to let me know in the comments below or in our Discord! I hope you have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are. Until next time!


Shamrock Bulletin Editor

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