The End of The Golden Democratic


Our official retirement date will be on the 31st of August, 2021.

This is, unfortunately, not a drill.

Part 1: Introduction

Written by CSY

581 days. “The end of an era” – what does this phrase truly mean?

Collins dictionary attempts a rather interesting definition of an era – a period in which there is a particular feature or quality. This era is, indubitably, one to be celebrated – be it the breaking of our CPPS record of 116 penguins online, the breaking of the ACP’s AUSIA record since 2006 – a max of 77 troops online, multiple victories, whether we use the Top 10 as a metric, or tournaments.

But that, to me, are just numbers – ones I needed to check our history page to find. My – our – era, because nothing would have been possible without my fellow higher command that built this place, was characterized by something much more – democracy.


I was thrust into a GC labelled 48 and 49 on 28th of January, 2020, alongside my co-leader at that time, Kailey310. Completely unprepared, and caught completely off guard, I had no idea what a tumultuous journey the Army of Club Penguin would take me on.

I was lost. Truthfully, I had no idea how to begin leading the army – we were suffering from the post tournament drop in January: staff and motivation were low.

In trying to find what my leadership meant, I had one sole goal in mind – to make people invested in the army. Only when people are invested, they will enjoy their time here; only if they enjoy their time, would they have motivation and feel responsible for the army.

Amidst a time where we constantly call and strive to be innovative, I believe our period of democracy, and the deviation away from the traditional structure of CPA is truly what separates this era, putting true meaning into the Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin. Our current higher command has been here, most for more than a year. A year of recruiting, leading, welcoming, of CPA, amidst the post-COVID era. This, in my opinion, is the testament to the power of our Golden Democratic – one in which all of us felt, and were responsible, for the success of the army. The Higher Command of the DRACP, at it’s best, functioned as a unit. That is what I believe all of us will remember ACP for – the friendships we have built.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. Today, we celebrate the retirement of 5 key members of the Golden Democratic, as they recount parts of our journey, because truthfully, we all made ACP possible. For a team that has worked together for so long, with a common goal in mind – nothing seemed more fitting than a joint retirement post, celebrating and reminiscing everything we have accomplished, and much more that we couldn’t say.

In recognition of the time, dedication and effort:

CSY – 1 year, 9 months
Kailey – 1 year, 8 months
Cubster – 1 year, 6 months
Robot – 1 year, 4 months
Daniel – 1 year, 2 months

Part 2: The Beginnings of the Leadership

Written by Kailey

A new leadership led to chaos. Promoting new faces was exciting until it turned into manipulation and drama. Koloway who had rage quit over Kailey310 saying she was better than him. At least that’s what he wanted us to believe, as mentioned in the post below that had not been released. Even though, a key aspect to his retirement was also ACP’s downfall (maxing 8).



Kailey310 and CSY’s leadership was shit and had a great impact on the current/ex-staff in ACP. Countless arguments, drama, brainwashing all just to coup CSY. Group chats and servers were made to manipulate the mod team against CSY. Waking up to useless drama every day, we were honestly tired of it and all ready to leave. Most of us hadn’t even been moderators for a week. But we let it get to us and were prepared to do the worst. The mod team CSY believed in were against him until we had spoken to Mchappy and gave CSY a chance. Kailey310’s leadership was problematic and I still wonder what would have happened if we didn’t give CSY an opportunity because CSY pushed for the limits during his solo leadership. Kailey310 was never “couped”. Koloway had planned to “coup” Kailey310 with the assistance of the moderation team but Mchappy had spoken to her and she stepped down after the unnecessary conflict that was caused by Moshi and her. The power had got to Moshi and Kailey310 of wanting to lead together. They had done anything in their power for their own advantage.


Every army talks shit. ACP did too. When people are entirely bringing down an army you worked your ass for of course people will get mad. It’s literal common sense. The man with the plan, RPF’s dirty play. Emcee, Mochii, and Cassie retiring from RPF and joining ACP. What did you guys even expose though? Armies talking shit? We all know everyone does that. The whole “expose” just consisted of Bschar being a dumbass but the things people do for war. Pretend to be our friends just to fuck us over. The way Emcee thought we wouldn’t have figured it out before she retired without being sus still amazes me. Funky who had stayed up for hours looking through the audit, while the rest figured out what role was broken for Ulti and Pookie to be let in our chats. Cool undercover mission RPF, you got your war in the most idiotic way.


(Deleted user = Emcee)


(Messing with perms to let Ulti and Pookie in)

Don’t get me wrong though, the war was fun and ACP won that shit. Chaos was an amazing asset who helped us when RPF just wanted to fuck us over. We won during March Madness again and kicked y’alls asses.


Overall this experience was fun, shit, dramatic and problematic. I’ve met great people and made wonderful memories which I’m grateful for. The beginning of this era was incredible and I’m glad to be ending my journey with the people who have been here from the start. I learned a lot throughout my time in CPA and a key factor was loyalty. Which has never existed. People will stab you behind your back in a heartbeat. At the end of the day, armies, events, Club Penguin none of this matters. So please stop taking armies so seriously and go outside for once. It’s the friendships you make that’ll last but it’s funny how you can’t even be friends with people without being considered a “gang”. Everything aside, I hope you all enjoy your time in ACP as much as I did. ACP is more than an army, it’s a family. Everyone’s time will come eventually so I guess now is my time.


Green Together Family Forever ❤
Love you all ✧
Au revoir ACP

~ Kailey133

Part 3: The Second Golden Age

Written by Robot


Following the end of a stressful tournament in PLT and an even more stressful war in WWR, ACP was looking to regroup and relax a bit ahead of LCX. The Army of CP has always done notoriously bad in the Legends Cup and we wanted to change that this time around. We began with steady recruiting and preparation by battling many worthy opponents as we faced armies like the Water Vikings, Elites, Dark Warriors, and the Templars. Nonetheless, ACP was looking very strong ahead of LCX with many armies set to challenge for the title and as expected we breezed through the first two rounds. We beat the Jungle Warriors and Pizza Federation with little to no difficulty at all until we had to face the Ice Warriors.

This was set to be a much harder battle against one of the biggest armies around at the time. It was pretty hectic for the whole week leading up to that battle as there was clear tension between the two armies with IW HCOM raiding training sessions and vice versa while the whole of the staff team focused on recruiting and making sure our recruits were ready for the big battle. A lot went into the preparation for this battle and a lot was on the line for ACP, we were really grinding hard for this and the team back then had a lot of passion and genuinely wanted the dub. We gave our all and despite the huge size difference and our chances looking bleak pre battle, we managed to take IW all the way to OT and I still think that battle really could’ve gone both ways but regardless of not taking the win, I doubt anyone was mad at the outcome as we broke our size record maxing over 80.

As expected, the post tournament slump and disappointment hit really hard but nonetheless we managed a very impressive performance against HF at the start of July despite losing. July was a quiet month as sizes slumped a bit, there was the DCP NDA drama but really not much to say lol. However, we ended that same month defeating HF and maxing more than we did at the start of the month showing how we were doing much better now. This was also around the time Oagalthorp resurfaced, which always reminds me of better and funner times in the community. In August, we declared war on the ever-controversial Templars who never fail to give us reason to declare. It proved very boring as we swept their empire peaking at 60+ while they didn’t show up for any battle.

The beginning of September was expected to be a difficult time as the community would face the annual slump, little did we know that this slump would come much later and September would see armies rise to hit new peaks. We kicked off the month facing IW yet again and lost by the smallest of margins yet again, not a great way to start the month but we pushed past as we held the ACP Civil War between Alpha and Echo. In my opinion, this is the best theme week we ever held as the competitive aspect was there which brought hype and size with it as well as we averaged at 45+. September 29th saw us break the past size record of 80 by maxing 88 for ACP’s 10 year anniversary and the new gen of ACP’s 1st year.

Golden October. Best month since ACP’s return in my opinion. Kicked off by the biggest AUSIA battle of all time (at the time) where ACP maxed 65 and beat HF. Followed by a destruction of SWAT where ACP maxed 73 and won 3-0. Then Fright or Fight started and we were determined to not make the same mistakes as LCX. We kicked off battling the Army of Orient Seas and demolishing them with a score of 3-0 and a max size of 57. Our next opponents were the Ice Warriors, an army we hadn’t beat yet in this new generation. We were determined to right our wrongs and finally beat IW and that’s exactly what we did. All of the recruiting sessions, hours welcoming recruits and logging on with them, and activating accounts finally paid off. On October 25th, ACP maxed 113 and beat IW. Following the battle, Daniel and Cubeoid were awarded the Bronze Medal. However, our job wasn’t quite over yet as we were set to face the Rebels in the final stage. We were closer than ever and we weren’t gonna fuck it up now. That whole week we held no events and focused only on this battle and recruiting, hyping, and welcoming recruits. November 1st started off with our first number 1 in many months much to the upset of many people. ACP had people so pressed at this point but hate the game not the player LOL. I didn’t even mention the giftcards yet. I still to this day don’t understand why they were mad at the fact this guy was willing to give away these giftcards. Anyway, we went on to face the RPF later that day and got demolished 3-0 but who cares. ACP had the whole community pressed and we had just maxed 116 for the first time in fuck knows how long, it was a dub for us. Cub got his very well deserved BMA for his work during that week.

Next up was AOA, the tournament hosted by Shamrock Bulletin. Honestly we didn’t expect much competition until we had to battle the Help Force, and that’s exactly what happened. The last battle between both armies at AUSIA times was dubbed the biggest of all time and ACP won, this battle was set to be even bigger. It didn’t disappoint as ACP maxed 77 and still lost to the Helpers, however it showed the true strength of the division that was always considered the weakest. Many expected AOA to be the last major event of 2020, however the ACP was determined to remain in the spotlight and declared war on the troublesome SWAT. Honestly, their constant shittalk and taunting had it coming for them from time and we had to put them in their place before the end of flash. That’s exactly what we did as we demolished them with a score of 7-0, not even giving up a single room.


OK two cents. You’re actually stupid if you say that ACP hasn’t been relevant since 2012. We ran the scene the past year and a half, challenging and never backing down against anyone despite the odds being stacked against us. We have come on top against everyone, even the undefeated, maxing at over 115. I wish we could’ve ended our reign doing what we always wanted to do and going to war with these bitches but it didn’t really work out, however the fact that we had the whole community pressed for a whole year (I still don’t know why they were pressed in the first place) gives me some comfort. Anyway, if you’re still in the community, leave. Shit’s dead, boring, and monopolized by people who are way over the age group that Club Penguin is aimed for. Get a life.

Shoutout to everyone who has come along for the ride. Whether you attended one event, or attended 32 a month, thanks for being here and for making this all semi worth it. Special shoutout to all the staff throughout this past year and a half and especially the Incredibles, family forever.

Signing off,

One last time,

~ Robot
كس اختكم واحد واحد (dont google translate this it wont make sense)

Part 4: Post-Flash Era

Written by Daniel

The start of 2021 was definitely a difficult month not only for the ACP and its members, but for the entire community, as it was ‘attacked’ through many fronts: the death of Adobe Flash, the closure of CPAH, and the occurrence of the infamous doxxing situation.

As soon as we ended and won our war against the Special Weapons and Tactics we started looking ahead into the future. To end a year, an era and the death of Adobe Flash we celebrated with one final event on CPArmies and Club Penguin Rewritten. Adobe Flash has been the software used to run Club Penguin since it started, back in 2005. With this shutting down and being removed from Google, it also meant the conclusion for various CPPSes, as they also were trying to figure out how to progress into the future; whether it was making their CPPS a downloadable client or switching over to HTML5.

As being part of the ACP HCom we were also left with the task of deciding which of these routes to take as we moved forward:

  1. Use a downloadable CPPS client.
  2. Try out the new CPPS – Club Penguin Chapter 2 – with it being one of the first CPPSes running on HTML5.
  3. Wait for Club Penguin Rewritten to be back up again.

Number 1 left us with many security concerns, we didn’t believe it was secure for our troops. This also applies to number 2 with it being a very new CPPS, added to the fact that it was very laggy and it couldn’t handle large numbers of troops (proven by other armies’ tests on the game) as it was in very early stages of development. With both of those options being crossed out, we went along with number 3, waited it out and hoped Club Penguin Rewritten didn’t last long to release their HTML5 version of the game, but this definitely turned out to be longer than expected…

This may be a sensitive topic to some of you affected, so read under your own discretion. During this exciting game of waiting all types of things happened – this included the doxxing scare and the closure of the first united Club Penguin Media site in the CPPS era, Club Penguin Army Hub. Many of you may be confused as to what this all means, but here’s a definition from my friend Google about the word “dox”:

“search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.”

This all started back when some certain individuals (who I won’t name) gained access into CPAH. These individuals started causing havoc within the organization and it’s members of staff, with the server itself ending up being completely defaced. Even up to today we see the consequences of this, due to now having the community split once again. I myself consider this a huge loss to the entire CPA community, and one of the reasons why it itself has become so stagnant, but I won’t go into that.

Since CPAH had finally been out of the way, these individuals now targeted armies. This all led to some armies (including ACP) going into full lockdown, and more than even half of the community temporarily shutting down their armies. Even despite all this, the ACP kept looking forward and being strong.

Seeing my friends basically changing accounts and going inactive, being threatened to get my private information out there only because I was part of the HCom was not fun at all, but despite everything we still tried to have fun and ease the situation. I remember I changed my username to “Agent 248” and everyone followed through putting “Agent _” on their Discord names. It was definitely some positivity in the middle of all the negativity. As we never shut down we held a fun second Civil War week on games outside of Club Penguin. Once Club Penguin Rewritten opened once again and all the doxxing situations passed we finally started once again to put our full focus on moving forward and looking ahead to the upcoming March Madness tournament. The transition from Adobe Flash to HTML5 was a very hard task, but I’m proud to say ACP was one of the only ones who pulled through it all successfully.


You know, sometimes I regret not going to war against certain armies, but it is what it is now. The community has become boring, and it’s just not the same as it used to be. You CPA philosophers may decide the reasons for why, but for now I’ll just take my leave. My reason for retirement to those of you wondering is not only that, but also I’ve started to look into the future of my own life as I’m still young with a whole future ahead. Catching a door opening with a beam of hope beaming through it is not something that happens all the time, and I’d like to pass through it before it closes. Sadly, I don’t think Club Penguin Armies have a place in my life on the other side of the door, so it’s time to leave it all behind.

I’d like to shout out those people who have stuck through thick and thin, fighting together as a family, as well as those who have supported me in everything not only as fellow soldiers but also as close friends (Kailey, Tia, Chicken, Tea, Nacho).

I wish luck to the Army of CP in the future and the people who will stay. Thank you to everyone for the amazing memories and achievements we were able to get together, as a family. Keep working hard. If you’d ever like to talk to someone, I’ll always be there! Just DM me, always down to talk. Love you fam <3.

Pura Vida mae, estuvo bueno el ride

– Daniel20448

Part 5: The Triumvirate

Written by Cubster

March Madness was on the horizon. As we approached closer, duty called for CSY to direct his full attention to academics as he was going through finals. With the inability to look after ACP for some time, he entrusted Max and Cubster with a big step up in responsibility to ensure a deep run in the tournament, and also appointed them as Temporary Commander-in-Chief. Lots of preparations took place. Hiring familiar faces here and there while recruiting our asses off. We managed to snag 2nd place as a result, just short of a gold podium.


Sorry Mchappy, I never hit 3000 like I wanted to at the start of this journey.

What amazes me of being a part of this green family is that no one believes in us. Always looked down on. Doubting the true ability we have in store. “Oh yeah, ACP is washed. They were only relevant before 2011”. Giants of the past, we’ve managed to accomplish what no other armies could for 14 years and that is stability, and also kicking ass when it matters. Talk shit all you want. We gave you a run for your money and upset when things were supposed to be “easy” for you motherfuckers.

A drop in size is inevitable after a big tournament with most people being burnt out from grinding. We made it our goal to capitalize on this weak state of armies, and kept on pushing, striving to rebuild what was the true state of ourselves. Through that period we managed to snag 1st on the Top Ten twice with having a comfortable lead in max sizes against our opponents.

Max and I were appointed as full time leaders of the army when CSY returned from his absence. A new triumvirate was formed, the 3rd one in ACP’s history. Our ride together wasn’t as smooth sailing as we hoped. Confusion and drama did happen, yes. We’ve had our differences here and there but our intention was to make this a better place. Always striving to improve and achieve and that’s what matters. Though that didn’t stop us from winning Project: Conquest, a month long tournament hosted by CPAHQ.


Through my stint as leader and my tenure in ACP I’ve met some cool people. You guys helped me get through lockdown and made everything more enjoyable. Gave something to look forward to. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are a talented bunch. Eager to spectate what those skills can help you achieve in the real world.

Sending love and kind regards to those ACP, current or former, and friends of the ACP. ❤

~ Cubby/Cubster/NoChill


“Pack your bags it’s time to go, the ship is set to sail for a new journey”

Part 6: Operation: Reignite & Passing on the Flame

Written by CSY

Whilst several of the members here planned their retirements initially on July 31st, for the event known as “Operation: Sunset”, and for my own personal retirement to be in the subsequent month after looking to stabilize the army post-HCOM departure and to prepare for the future, in an army with the future much unknown with the retirement of one of the core faces of the army, we sat down once more, donning the Roman Helmets we had just taken off, with one concern in mind – the future of the army.


Operation: Reignite had one goal in mind – to prepare for the future. Calling Kailey, Robot, Daniel and Cubster to arms once more, we gave ourselves one month – a month in which we didn’t focus on maxing out Event Quality, a month in which we didn’t strive for the Top 10, or even sizes. This month was for us to train a next generation of higher command to lead, it was about bringing back the ACP culture, it was about fixing our organization and setting it up for success, and most importantly, it was about stability. In this time of uncertainty and change for all, especially considering the awkward back-to-school period, there have inevitably been many challenges in the middle – but only time can eventually tell if the new generation is ready to change, adapt, and unite.

However, as all good things come to an end – today, we wave goodbye to this era of the past.

We Rise From This. Originally proposed in March 2020, in the Premier League Tournament, and becoming a staple, in many ways, of the ACP spirit. I think to me though, what it truly means far transcends a battle in CPA. It encompasses an admission to weaknesses – that we have something to improve on; and a strive for the future – to rise from this instance, and become better. Most importantly, is the “We”. A single man is by himself very much powerless. But a single dream, a rally to others, a call to arms, can quickly become something bigger than all of us.

Today, we pass on our flame to the next generation. We do not doubt that there are more challenges ahead – that ACP will need to, in many ways, refind her footing. But remember that, just like how a single flame can light up the passion of many others – we are always stronger, together.

I thank my friends, whether they were unfortunately roped into delaying their retirement by another month, or those that may have left before me, or those that continue to fight on. Without you, I – no, ACP, would not have been as strong. You guys not only gave me the confidence to lead, but the confidence in myself.

Whilst today, we may have only celebrated the work of notable members of the Higher Command team, remember that ACP is much more than that. With staff, even members of the army who have stuck around since the beginning, you guys are the ones that define what ACP is, what ACP stands for, and ACP’s future.

At this junction, there is no clear candidate for a leader. However, in the past 500+ days, what ACP HCom have established is a golden age built off a democratic system – which we hope you guys continue. I will entrust the choice of a next leader to the PoG as they see fit, but as leaders, me and Cubby hopes that the Higher Command will continue working as a team until a next, clear figurehead emerges.

If I may, finally, impart some personal thoughts – beginning my tenure with an almost-coup is probably the single worst moment, but simultaneously the best lesson of my life. It forced me to realize a single thing – that being promoted into leader doesn’t automatically mean you are the leader – you have to earn the respect that comes with the position. Being a leader is about carrying out the wants of the group, far more than the wants of one’s own.




I, CSY, the 45th Leader of the Army of Club Penguin, and I, Cubster, the 46th Leader of the Army of Club Penguin officially award the following:

Shane – Bronze Medal Award

For his work with the ACP, be it recruiting efforts, or his mentoring of future talents in recruiting.

Daniel20448 – Medal of Training
For his work continuing ACPTR, and his innovation in keeping the format new and fresh for subsequent generations

Robot – Bronze Medal Award
For the constant passion he has shown towards the army and intelligence work throughout various periods in his 16 months of service.

Kailey133 – Bronze Medal Award
For her work with ACP Recruiting Force, and her constant innovation in recruiting in her 20 months in the Army.

Max – Silver Medal Award
For his unwavering loyalty to the army, for stepping up to lead in times of difficulties, and for constantly innovating, to push the army to our limits.

All of them will be inducted into the Dedicated Officers on the Hall of Fame, if they have not been already.


11 Responses

  1. Hats off to some of the top dogs in armies and good luck for your future!

  2. Thank you for everything. Love you guys ❤

  3. A journey to remember! Thank you for the memories and loads of love. Warm wishes for your future endeavors ❤
    Green Together, Family Forever!

  4. We will miss you all! Remember we all love you guys and hope you bring your memories with you as you retire and hope your futures are bright! ❤ GTFF!

  5. Love yall, thank you for everything

  6. despite everyone hating me and being forever banned for some horrible past choices you guys did a very good job in making ACP what is it today something I will always respect you guys for nothing to be ashamed of all of you have had very successful careers here and I wish you all the best in life.

  7. I’m going to miss you all more than you’ll ever know. It’s scary not knowing what the future holds, but I can only hope everything will turn out okay, just like it has before.

  8. Danm this is truly the End Of An Era, Gonna miss you guys, thanks for everything. ACP FAMILY FOREVER ❤ GTFF! MARCH ON 😦

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  10. […] 2021, CSY announced the retirements of 5 of their higher-command and leadership. In the lengthy retirement post, each retiree wrote about a different Era and ended their section with a heart felt note to the […]

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