The Little AUSIA that can, will, and always could

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

To those unaware, this post pays homage to a post dated October 10th, 2019 by Mchappy

There was an AUSIA event scheduled for today and unfortunately something last minute came up for our Commanders so no HICOM were online. Thankfully the soldiers of ACP are dedicated and so well trained that they were able to log on and led the event themselves.

In an event where no HCom could make it, the ACP AUSIA troops decided to log on anyways, to host their own little event.

AUSIA – a combination of AUStralia and ASIA – was first coined by Monsoon, and inaugurated under the leadership of Flipmoo. Before that, CP armies largely consisted of US or UK players, forming groups to battle each other on Club Penguin.

There is something inherently special about AUSIA – throughout OG, this would be the division that every army wanted – as a strong AUSIA would be imperative towards attacking opponents at less-than-ideal times – but it would also bring size scores down, and be a burden towards some bigger ones. 

ACP has always sustained AUSIA throughout OG though – it would be a sort of signature of the army – even when times were tough and we’d max low sizes, ACP AUS would still survive. ACP was always an army that valued AUSIA – with the likes of Flipmoo, Kenneth, Sidie9, etc. becoming commanders of the ACP – something that many major armies don’t commonly see.

On November 26th, 2019, I returned to the Army of Club Penguin to lead the AUSIA division, under Mchappy’s vouching, and Koloway giving me a chance. I didn’t have so much as an account on CPR – and there I was, frantically mining for gold pre event to get enough coins for the classic letterman jacket.

Extracted from Probably the best AUSIA event of ACP 2.0

It’s insane what ACP AUSIA has done and become since the first max 18 event I attended. Perhaps the peak of it all was the PB vs. HF we had in October – where we peaked at sizes of 65+ in perhaps the biggest ever AUS battle in ACP history.


Here, I’d like like to thank every ex, and current staff member in the ACP AUSIA CPPS generation, that has made us who we are today

Sidie, Rockstar, Desi, Jimmy, Zayn, CSY, Lucia, Alexandrovna, Cubster, Robot, Chicken, Doggorage, Sanya, Yasmini, Wyperr, Cubeoid, Carmelo, Roxy, SwagerGamer

ACP AUSIA lives on, breaking the boundaries of geography, and breaking records. ACP AUSIA is itself a testament to what we can all do, as a team together.


6th Commander of the ACP AUSIA division (2016)
9th Commander of the ACP AUSIA division (2019-now)
ACP Leader


[AUS] Happy AnniverCSYary – Results!

Hey ACP!

Exactly 1 year ago, I led my first AUSIA event for the Army of Club Penguin. 1 year later, some tears, a lot of laughter, and a helluva long grind later, we’re here today to celebrate my anniverCSYary.

Max: 39



Thank you everyone that showed up for this!


ACP Leader